1. Do you know of anything else that could help me stand out in the application process?

Second languages, internships, law enforcement experience, special recommendations, awards, and certifications help you stand out better.

2. Do you have any advice on how to lose weight fast as I prepare for the physical fitness test and/or the training academy?

If you’re overweight, I recommend that you click here to watch a training video that will show you 1 simple method that burns fat fast.

3. Where can I get info on the police oral board interview?
Head over to the Police Panel Interview discussion forum for tips and advice.

4. I submitted my application over a months ago. I haven’t heard anything yet.
Call the recruiting office you’ve submitted the application to. Don’t be a pest, but ask them if they have received your application and what the current status is.

5. How do I become a police officer?
Here’s an article I wrote explaining the entire process step-by-step. Click Here to read the article.

6. Where can I download a study guide to help prepare for the police entrance exam & the oral interview?
You can get a comprehensive police exam study guide, as well as an oral board interview review guide Here.

7. How long does the application process take once you hand in your paperwork?
The amount of time varies from department to department, and the current needs of the agency. However, you should expect the process to last up to 6 months  from the date you hand in your application. If you successfully complete the process from beginning to end, and subsequently placed on the eligibility list for future hire,  it may take up to a year or more before you are offered the position.

8. How do I prepare for the polygraph test… What questions will I be asked?
Here’s an article I wrote explaining the entire process step-by-step: ——> Advice On The Polygraph Test

9. What happens at the oral board interview? And what history should I know about the PD for my board interview?

At the panel interview you will be briefed about the details of what it takes to be a police officer, the job description, potential dangers, quality of life, and other work-related subject matter about the current PD.

Regarding what you should know about the agency, here’s how I look at it. You are planning on spending the rest of your life in your new job. Therefore, you should know everything you possibly can about the job. Wouldn’t you agree?

10. Is there a study guide that will help me prepare for the police academy?
Yes. Click Here to download your police academy study guide

11. Maybe you could also write about the benefits of being in law enforcement?
The benefits range from great pay and health care, to paid vacations and possibly take home car, all the way up to 20-year retirement pension plan.

12. Do you recommend listing references, if so how many?
Listing references is a great way for you to stand out. If your references are current employees at the agency you want to get hired at or another Law Enforcement Agency, you may seem that much more credible to the interview panel.

13. my physical fitness test is around the corner and I need to get into better shape, what do you recommend?
Head over to the Pass The Police Fitness Test website, the web’s most comprehensive list of physical training programs to help you conquer your fitness test.

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8 Comments on FAQ

  1. What if a military discharge is OTH or uncharacterized. Is that treated the same as dishonorable discharge by LE?

  2. Hi,I’m Lashonda Miles and Im looking for some help as well as guidance on the written as well as oral etc.apd test,,Please when you get this message feel free to via email me back,to let me know what techniques i need ti use to try to (A)get a passing high score,and (B)to past with flying colors far as the oral and ect.Again i thank you for even providing this info for people like us.

    Look foward to hearing from you soon

  3. Lashonda,

    There is tons of sample questions on this site. Use the search function to find what you are looking for.

  4. If you go to the Chattanooga police academy, Do you have to be a police officer for Chattanooga?

  5. I’m a recently Honorable discharged veteran of 10 years service as a Military Police Officer. almost 12 years ago before I joined the military I tried a very small amount of cocaine twice when I was 19. Does anyone know how heavily this will weight during my background check as an AL deputy?

  6. Officer Forestal,

    I have passed an interview for a 911 dispatcher position and have a background check coming up which includes a written background packet and polygraph test. I am going to admit everything that I have done to the investigator, but I want to know if any of these things would disqualify me and if so, then would I permanently not be able to get a job at a law enforcement agency. I have smoked marijuana once since age 21 (three years ago), tried ecstasy once (1 year ago), have been with three prostitutes (last one three years ago), and have seen child porn (three years ago). I do genuinely regret all of these things.

  7. Would like to have our academy listed where you state, ” Below I’ve listed contact info for all the state approved academies in Ohio for your convenience.” Edison’s academy is an OPOTA-certified academy located in Piqua. Contact me (Assistant to Commander Mahan) for details!

  8. Will this study guide / course help me if I would like to apply for Orange county sherrif department?

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