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10 Highest Paying States For Police Officer

Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers are classified as the 3rd most in-demand career within the Homeland Security sector.

There’s a projected need for 265,000 patrol officers by the conclusion of 2014; however , there are a number of states that have a relatively greater need compared to others.

The following can be described as guide that will help you navigate, state by state, the law enforcement employment gauntlet.

1. New Jersey Salary Range: : $58,748-$97,188

From community policing to homeland security to busting the Mafia, New Jersey law enforcement has a specialty area that’s sure to suit your unique skills and interests. New Jersey is looking for bright, energetic men and women who are up to the challenge to be their best. In return, you’ll get the satisfaction of protecting your community – and a sense of pride that will last a lifetime.

2. California Salary Range: : $65,185-$79,248

California law enforcement offers a number of challenging careers. Departments provides an excellent salary, full medical benefits, and up to 90 percent retirement. Also, don’t forget the great weather!

3. Illinois Salary Range: $47,000-$97,000chicago police patch 150x150 10 Highest Paying States For Police Officer

Illinois has the third highest median police salary of any state in America. Illinois has a wide variety of locals to work in, from rural counties to the Chicago Metropolitan area.

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4. Washington Salary Range: $46,704-$67,644

Becoming a member of the Washington State Patrol places you in an exclusive group within the law enforcement community. The WSP was the third state law enforcement agency in the nation to be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

5. Nevada Median Salary: $68,000

Nevada, known for being a state by sin, has one of the highest paying police forces in America. Today the Nevada Highway Patrol serves the citizens and visitors with 356 commissioned officers and 177 civilians. The duties of the Patrol range from enforcing the laws on the highways to operating the State’s criminal history repository.

recruits 150x150 10 Highest Paying States For Police Officer6. Alaska Salary Range: $47,520-$63,156

Alaska State Troopers (AST) are charged with statewide law enforcement, prevention of crime, pursuit and apprehension of offenders, service of civil and criminal process, prisoner transportation, central communications, and search and rescue.

7. Connecticut Median Salary: $55,577

Today, more than 1,200 men and women make up the sworn State Troopers of the State Police of Connecticut. There are 12 barracks scattered across the state and dozens of specialized units. The State Police are the primary law enforcement provider in 82 of the 169 Connecticut towns. The Connecticut State Police is the third largest police force in New England.

8. Pennsylvania Starting Salary: $53,829

The Pennsylvania has grown to over 6,000 enlisted and civilian personnel, who are committed to providing world class service to police partners and citizens. The core purpose to seek justice, preserve peace, and improve the quality of life for all by providing exceptional law enforcement services.

9. Colorado Salary Range: $50,004-$71,040

The mission of the Colorado State Patrol is to ensure a safe and secure environment in Colorado for all persons by providing professional law enforcement through responsive, courteous, caring and dedicated service.

10. Oregon Salary Range: $46,368-$63,528

Oregon State Troopers provide a wide variety of public safety services. From the rural counties to metropolitan freeways, troopers are trained to do it all.

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  2. 1. The Polic Officer Yearly Wages: New Jersey is $from $58,748.00 to $97,188.00. 2.California: is From $65,185.00 to $79,248.00 3.Illionis From, To,$97,000.00 4.Washington State $ 46,704.00 To $67,644.00 5.Navada:ediem Salerie is $68,000.00 6.Alaska: From $47,520.00 To $63,156.00 7.Connecticit:$55.577.00 8.Pensylvania: $53,829.00 9.Colorado From $50,004 To $71,040.00 10. Oregan: From $46,368.00 To $63,528.00 too! Theres Are Highest Paid Police Officers Wages in the U.S.A. true!!!