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Top 8 Traits You Must Have To Be A Police Officer

Top 8 Traits You Must Have to Be a Police Officer

policeoralboardblog Top 8 Traits You Must Have To Be A Police OfficerHere are eight traits that you’ll be graded on by the raters on the police oral board. Give yourself a 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) for each one. Think honestly about your life, your work history, volunteer history, hobbies, your education and everything else about you, and then ask yourself inwardly some very tough questions about each of these areas. As an example, have you ever been detained, ticketed, or arrested by the police? If yes, one or more of these areas will give the board critical information – so BE PREPARED!

Readiness to lend assistance – Does the applicant eagerly assist persons in need – fellow police personnel as well as the general public? Do they show hesitation due to strictly personal circumstances?

2) Perspective – Ignores frivolous or meaningless problems and obstacles. Life is full of frustrations. Sometimes the least little thing can be “the last straw” and someone lets loose with a temper tantrum. Does the applicant over-react to the specific current problem due to prior circumstances or difficulties?

3) Ability to compromise for greater good – Sometimes minor rules or even minor crimes should be ignored because a much greater value or principle is at stake. Does the applicant show a willingness to take a risk and uphold a higher principle by violating a lesser rule, law or procedure?

4) Ability to challenge unlawful or unreasonable orders or authority – Does the applicant see authority as an excuse to commit an error in judgment due to the ready-made excuse “I was following orders”? Does the applicant seem willing to take a risk of punishment or discipline in order to follow the correct course of action in difficult circumstances?

5) Obedience to lawful and reasonable orders – Often police personnel must follow orders that are lawful and reasonable, but for some reason the officer finds distasteful or overly harsh or critical, etc. Does the applicant see the difference between a lawful and unlawful order, and can they willingly carry out a reasonable and acceptable order that may just be unpopular or distasteful to follow?

6) Intolerance of corruption – Does the applicant seem to believe that it is more important to be popular or be liked than it is to be honest? Do they seem willing to compromise ethics and truth for the sake of officers who are committing criminal activities? Does the applicant have a perspective on what the difference is between corruption and minor misconduct and seem willing to act and compromise accordingly?

7) Rejection of unearned personal praise – that praise which belongs to others. Will the applicant willingly share the credit and praise for a job well done? Will they allow themselves to be given full credit for a good deed done by another individual?

8) Teamwork – acceptance of opinion and leadership of others, regardless of personal feelings. During a police career, very often younger and less experienced persons are given or earn positions of trust, authority or responsibility over other personnel. Does the applicant show a willingness to work with persons as a subordinate regardless of the relative experience and inexperience of the individual? Does the applicant show any prejudice against individuals due to any personal traits, characteristics or makeup?

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