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How To Become a Police Officer in Alaska

Requirements To Be a Police Officer in Alaska

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Minimum standards to become a municipal police officer in Alaska are set by a state agency, the Alaska Police Standards Council (APSC) www.dps.alaska.gov/APSC and no person may become a permanent police officer in a participating police department without  meeting those requirements for certification.

The person hired must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien intent on becoming a citizen, and at least 21 and of good moral character, with a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Obtaining a GED is acceptable in Alaska. The candidate must also be certified by a licensed doctor as capable of performing the functions of a police officer, and must not be suffering from any emotional disorder that can affect performance as a police officer.

Things That Can Disqualify You From Becoming a police officer (state trooper, highway patrol) in AK

There are prohibitions to being hired in Alaska as a police officer. These include anyone convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving domestic violence by any court in Alaska, any other U.S. state or territory, or by a military court.

Manufacture, transportation and sale of controlled substances within 10 years of the date of hire will keep a person from being hired as a police officer in Alaska, as will illegal use of a controlled substance other than marijuana. Using marijuana within one year before the date of hire can disqualify a candidate.

In addition, candidates will not be considered if they have previously been denied certification or had certification revoked, or have surrendered their certification in Alaska or any other jurisdiction, unless the denial or revocation has been rescinded by the Council or other licensing agency.

If a candidate is under suspension of basic certification in another jurisdiction, he or she may not be considered for hiring in Alaska unless the suspension has been rescinded by the responsible licensing agency.

Police Training Requirements in Alaska

Once hired a candidate must complete a basic police training program that consists of 40 hours of supervised field training as prescribed in the Alaska Police Standards Council Field Training Manual and at least 400 hours of instruction in basic law enforcement subjects.

That training must include 10 hours of first aid instruction sufficient to qualify students for a standard Red Cross First Aid Certificate or a council-approved equivalent; and   instruction in criminal law, administration of justice, criminal investigation, including investigation of crimes against children, offensive and defensive tactics, field techniques, traffic operations, precision driving, ethics, human relations, and firearms.

The Council also prescribes minimum standards of attendance for the basic police training program. For example, excused absences exceeding 10 percent of total instructional hours will prevent a student from being certified.

Students who do not receive a passing grade of at least 70 percent of each instruction segment, will not be certified, as will those who do not receive a cumulative average of at least 70 percent.

The standard is stricter for firearms instruction, where 75 percent is designated as the minimum passing grade. Candidates who score lower will not be certified.

Average Salary & Pay Scale of a Police Officer In Alaska

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics a police officer or state troopers in Alaska makes between 50k-60k per year. That figure does not take into account overtime pay and special detail pay outside of the agency, which will increase your yearly earnings by a lot.

Police Officer Jobs In Alaska

If you want to work in the law enforcement industry in AK, there are several ways to go about it. If for some reason you don’t meet the minimum qualifications, there are several other great careers in law enforcement that you can take a look at. Some of which are of course  becoming a state trooper, local police officer, and then there is working within the jail system as a correctional officer.

There is also other careers like probation officer, parole officer, prison guard, juvenile detention officer and varies other jobs. Don’t worry about the entry level pay as it will gradually increase as you gain more experience. To look for law enforcement job openings in Alaska click on the link right now.

Here’s a complete list of all the law enforcement agencies in the state of Alaska:

  • Alaska Department of Corrections
  • Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Alaska Department of Public Safety
    • Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board
    • Alaska State Crime Lab
    • Alaska State Fire Marshal’s Office
    • Alaska State Troopers
      • Village Public Safety Officer Program
    • Wildlife Enforcement Troopers
  • Alaska State Parks
    • Alaska State Park Rangers
  • Alaska Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
  • Bristol Bay Borough Police] Department
  • North Slope Borough Police Department
  • Adak Police Department
  • Anchorage Police Department
  • Angoon Public Safety Department
  • Bethel Police Department
  • Chignik Bay Department of Public Safety
  • Cordova Police Department
  • Craig Police Department
  • Dillingham Police Department
  • Fairbanks Police Department
  • Fort Yukon Police Department
  • Galena Police Department
  • Haines Police Department
  • Homer Police Department
  • Hoonah Police Department
  • Hooper Bay Police Department
  • Houston Police Department
  • Juneau Police Department
  • Kake Police Department
  • Kenai Police Department
  • Ketchikan Police Department
  • King Cove Police Department
  • Klawock Police Department
  • Kodiak Police Department
  • Kotzebue Police Department
  • Nenana Police Department
  • Nome Police Department
  • North Pole Police Department
  • Palmer Police Department
  • Petersburg Police Department
  • Pilot Station Police Department
  • Port Lions Department of Public Safety
  • Saint Paul Department of Public Safety
  • Sand Point Department of Public Safety
  • Seldovia Police Department
  • Seward Police Department
  • Sitka Police Department
  • Skagway Police Department
  • Soldotna Police Department
  • Tanana Department of Public Safety
  • Togiak Police Department
  • Unalakleet Department of Public Safety
  • Unalaska Department of Public Safety
  • Valdez Police Department
  • Wasilla Police Department
  • Whittier Police Department
  • Wrangell Police Department
  • Yakutat Police Department
  • Fairbanks International Airport Police and Fire Department
  • Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Police and Fire Department
  • University of Alaska Anchorage Police Department
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks Police Department
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