Dallas Police Department Hiring Process

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dallas Police Department Hiring Process PD 2017, 2018-2019. 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025
If you are looking for information on the hiring process for the Dallas Police Department, you have landed on the right web page. But first you must realize that the selection process to become a police officer is a long and tedious one. Sometimes taking as long as 8 months to  a year before you are hired.Don’t get frustrated because the timeline is pretty much standard for any law enforcement agency across the country especially for larger agencies like the Dallas Police Department.

Here’s the requirements and qualifications needed before you can apply:

To be considered for the Dallas Police Department, an applicant must:

  • Be a U. S. citizen.
  • Be 19 ½ years of age (60 hours from an accredited college – minimum 2.0 GPA)  or  Be 21 – 44 years of age (45 hours from an accredited college – minimum 2.0 GPA)
  • Have a valid driver license.
  • Must not have committed any felony or Class A Misdemeanor.
  • Have no Class B Misdemeanor convictions within the last 10 years.
  • All Categories
  • College credit requirement will be waived if you have three (3) years of active military service and an honorable discharge, as stipulated on your DD-214.
  • Physical Fitness
  • No worse than 20/100 vision rating in either eye, correctable to 20/20.
  • No pending traffic citations or court cases.
  1. Must not have been convicted of three (3) or more hazardous traffic violations in the last twenty-four (24) months.  (Does not include “Deferred Ajudication” or “Driver’s Safety Course.”) Applicant Processing Steps
  2. Preliminary Interview—You will be asked about your driving history and any criminal record or illegal drug use. We will discuss with you any questions you may have regarding the application process, time required for training, etc.
  3. Applicant Interview Board—You will be given an oral interview before a board of police officers and supervisors, during which you will be interviewed on a variety of police and non-police topics.
  4. Polygraph Examination—Determines the validity of the answers given on previous questionnaires and interviews.
  5. Background Investigation—Checks your work record, your background and the opinions and statements of people you list as references. You must also complete a personal history statement provided by the Department.
  6. Psychological Examination—Includes a three-hour written exam and an interview with a psychologist.
  7. Medical Examination—Includes a physical exam and urinalysis.

    Required Documents

    1. Valid United States Driver’s License
    2. Social Security Card
    3. Birth Certificate (original or certified copy)
    4. (2) Official College Transcripts (if applicable)
    5. High School Transcripts (certified or official) or GED
    6. Marriage License (if applicable)
    7. Divorce Decree (if applicable)
    8. DD-214 (if applicable)
    9. City of Dallas Employment Application (Civil Service Application) available on-line
    10. Personal History Statement- available on-line

Average Salary, Pay Scale And Benefits

Health Insurance

On the date of hiring, you, your spouse and/or children will become eligible for one of the City of Dallas’ major medical insurance programs.  The City also offers different supplemental dental and vision plans as well as non-city health HMO coverage plans.

Life Insurance

Upon hiring, you are enrolled in the City of Dallas group life insurance program.  You can choose from two plans, Basic Life Insurance, paid by the City of Dallas and Supplemental Life Insurance at a reduced rate premium.  Accidental death and dependant life insurance is also available at a reduced rate premium.

  • Basic Life Insurance  (no cost)   $40,000 basic insurance policy
  • Supplemental Life (contributory)   Supplemental Life Insurance can be purchased for up to a maximum of $500,000.00 in age banded rates.


Upon hiring, you will be enrolled in the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Fund.

  • You will contribute 8.5% of your salary to the pension fund, while the City of Dallas contributes 27.5%.
  • You become eligible for full retirement at age 50, with a minimum  5 years of service.
  • The retirement plan pays up to 96% of the average of your highest paid 36 months of salary.
  • Outstanding Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP)
  • Upon leaving the Department, you will be paid for all accrued vacation time, at your current hourly rate of pay.


All officers are provided with uniforms and all necessary equipment including a regulation service weapon.

Police Officer
Base  Degree
$41,690 $42,890
Police Officer $41,690 $42,890
2 Year $43,754 $44,950
3 Year $45,933 $47,133
4 Year $48,249 $49,449
5 Year $50,657 $51,857
6 Year $53,179 $54,379
7 Year $55,862 $57,062
8 Year $58,637 $59,837
9 Year $61,572 $62,772
10 Year $64,651 $65,851
Senior Corporal
Start $42,860 $44,060
Maximum $71,273 $72,47
  1. Applicants must have all applicable documents prior to testing!

    An Equal Opportunity Employer
    (214) 671-4409 or (800) 527-2948

Chicago Police Department Hiring Process

Chicago PD Selection Process – CPD Recruitment

If you want to work for the Chicago Police Department, I’ll be the first to tell chicago Police Department Hiring Process PD 2017, 2018-2019. 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025you the process is a long and tedious one, but at the end of the day it’s all worth it in the event you get hired. Now before you get a conditional offer of employment, there are some major hurdles you’ll have to overcome.

Here’s an overview of some of the steps you’ll have to complete in order to become a police officer for the city of Chicago.

However before I get into the steps one needs to be a police officer for CPD, let’s look at the requirements first.

Watch the video below for an in-dept look inside the Chicago Police Department:

Requirements for Employment:

The following are the requirements to become a police officer with the Chicago Police Department:

  • Must be a United States Citizen;
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent;
  • Must have a valid Driver’s License;
  • Must successfully complete all phases of the hiring process to be considered for employment.
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Most not have been convicted of a felony

Recruitment Selection Process

The first step in the Chicago Police Officer employment process is a written examination. The remaining steps include a physical fitness test, drug screening, psychological test, background investigation and a medical examination. Being on the eligibility list is not an offer or guarantee of employment. It is recommended that candidates review and prepare for the physical fitness test since this phase of the hiring process comes quickly for those candidates that pass the initial written examination. Click here to view the “State of Illinois Police Officer Wellness Report or POWER test”

In a nutshell here’s what you’ll have to successfully complete before you are offered the job:

  1. Written aptitude test
  2. Physical agility test; POWER test (click here to download a police specific workout guide)
  3. Drug Screening
  4. Psychological evaluation test
  5. Background check
  6. Medical exam

Average Salary & Benefits

A career with the Chicago Police Department offers stability, attractive compensation and superb benefits. Compare our starting salary and benefit package with other police departments and major corporations. You will find that few can compete.

  • Starting Salary of $43,104, increased to $55,723 after one
    year and an additional increase to $58,896 after 18 months
  • Health Insurance
  • Tuition Reimbursement up to 100% (includes advanced degrees)
  • Prescription Drug Plan
  • Vision and Dental Plan
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • 20 Paid Vacation Days
  • Retirement Plan
  • 13 Paid Holidays
  • Home Purchase Assistance
  • Annual Uniform Allowance of $1,800
  • Annual Duty Availability Bonus of $2,920

Baltimore Police Department Hiring Process

Watch This Important Video Message By The Baltimore Police Dept:

If you are interested in working for the Baltimore Police department, you must
know the process is a long and tedious one. This long employment process is not just limited to BPD – it seems that every law enforcement agency is pretty much the same.

You see, police departments across the country including BPD is looking for qualified, and competent applicants who can excel at the job.  It is a pain in the neck waiting 6-9 months before you are hired, but it is the same everywhere.
Baltimore Police Department Selection Process 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025
Requirements Needed to Become a Police Officer For The Baltimore Police Department

  • You must possess a high school diploma or GED
  • No Felony Convictions
  • Physical fitness – you must be in top physical condition and you will be required to pass the fitness test before moving  ahead in the process
  • You must be a citizen of the United States
  • You must pass the background check, polygraph, and psychological test
  • You must not have been dishonorably discharged
  • You must possess a valid driver’s license

BPD Hiring Process – Step-By-Step Guide

1. Complete and submit your application (click here to download your application)

2. Civil Service Test.

3. The Preliminary Interview.

4. Agility Test.

5. Paperwork gets forwarded to the Applicant Investigation Unit upon successful completion of the Agility Test.


Salary and Benefits

The Police Department has many specialized units.

Baltimore County offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Starting salaries:

  • Police Officer, $46,699

Cadets and Officers receive yearly pay increases.


  • Medical/Dental/Vision
  • Equipment and Uniforms
  • 25-year Retirement
  • Nightshift Differential
  • Paid Vacation/Sick/Military Leave
  • Promotional Opportunities
  • Tax-Free Investments
  • Police Academy and other Professional Training
  • Life Insurance
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Credit Union Services

Job Qualifications

Officers protect citizens from the ground and in the air.

To apply for the Police Officer and Police Cadet job openings, you must meet the following qualifications.

  • Police Officer applicants must be age 21 by graduation of our six month police academy.
  • Police Cadet applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of hire. You can apply at 17 1/2 years of age.

Applicants must:

  • Pass a written examination.
  • Pass a physical agility test.
  • Pass a physical examination.
  • Pass a comprehensive background investigation, psychological screening, polygraph examination, and periodic drug testing.
  • Have US Citizenship at the time of appointment.
  • Have a valid driver’s license.
  • Have a high school diploma or a GED certificate recognized by the Board of Education of Maryland at the time of the appointment.
  • Have less than 4 points on their driving record. 
  • Have no felony convictions.

 Job Duties and responsibilities:

Cadets learn the ropes of law enforcement by working directly with officers.

Police Cadet

  • Performs administrative functions in a precinct or specialized police unit.
  • Directs traffic, inspects vehicles and issues citations.
  • Works undercover to investigate crimes and target criminal activities.
  • Communicates through law enforcement radio channels and through computer networks to provide information to officers.
  • Provides arrest and warrant information to police officers.
  • Assists with crowd control and special events.
  • Helps provide security at police facilities.

Police Officer

  • Performs general patrol duties in a vehicle and on foot.
  • Conducts initial and follow up investigations of crimes and other incidents and events.
  • Identifies and determines possible solutions to community crime problems.
  • Communicates through law enforcement radio channels and through computer networks to provide information to officers.
  • Provides security at police facilities.
  • Enforces traffic laws and ordinances and investigates traffic accidents.
  • Directs traffic, inspects vehicles and issues citations.
  • Arrests and detains persons.
  • Processes and monitors prisoners.

Advancement Opportunities

A career with the Baltimore County Police Department offers individuals a chance to experience unlimited professional and personal growth while investigating possibilities for success in a variety of interesting and exciting areas.

After two years as a patrol officer, members are eligible to apply for specialized unit assignments, such as:

  • Homicide
  • SWAT
  • Sex Crimes
  • Vice and Narcotics
  • K-9
  • Hostage Negotiation
  • Computer Crimes
  • Dignitary Protection
  • Missing Persons
  • Community Outreach

Detroit Police Department Hiring Process

The entry level salary is not tops in the state for sure, but the training and experience that you’ll get at DPD is greater than any other police agency in the state.

With decent pay, great benefits and a fair pension plan DPD ranks up there when you compare it to other large departments across the country.

Read below for information on the hiring process, training and requirements needed to be a cop for DPD.

Requirements One Needs To Become a Police Officer For DPD

  •   You must be at least 18 years of age
  •   You must be a U.S. citizen
  •   Vision must be 20/20 or corrected 20/20 in each eye. Depth perception and color vision must be normal.
  •   You must have a valid Michigan driver’s license and acceptable driving record
  •   You must have a high school diploma or a valid GED
  •   No felony conviction, (even if expunged)

Steps Of  Detroit PD Recruitment Process

  • Complete Detroit Police Department Interest Card
  • Receive Information Package  Overview of the MCOLES Exams List of documents required for application process
  • Take MCOLES Written Exam: Register Online Fee $62. (Results must be personally submitted before you are able to proceed in the Recruiting process) Will receive notification via telephone or U.S. mail for prescreening interview date
  • Participate in prescreening interview
  • Await Criminal History and Driving Record checks
  • Receive notice of acceptance into Application Orientation or the reason for disqualification
  • Attend Application Orientation (2 Hrs)
  • Receive Application Package
  • Assigned Background Interview Date

Receive information pertaining to the MCOLES (Physical Agility Test) the $45 fee is waived (one time only).

  • Appear for background interview
  • Assigned a day to go the DPD Headquarters for fingerprinting (Sat/Sun) If your background investigation is cleared, you will you proceed to the Final Oral Board assessment.
  • Oral Board Assessment ( If Successful, you will receive a Conditional offer of employment and proceed to the Psychological Phrase)
  • Enter Psychological Phase
  • Written and oral psychological Interview with psychologist.
  • Receive notification via telephone or U.S. mail of pre-employment physical exam date or disqualification.
  • Take pre-employment physical exam (if cleared you will proceed)
  • Receive acceptance letter with date of final orientation


Average Salary, Earnings, Pay scale

Police Officer
$30,137 – $53,237

Step Schedule
Upon graduation from the academy, you will receive
a $1,000.00 increase. Thereafter, annual increases will
be granted as follows:

 1-08  7-08
Start $30,137 $30,740 $31,663 $32,613
After Academy $31,137 $31,740 $32,663 $33,613
After 1 year $33,949 $34,628 $35,668 $36,738
After 2 years $37,761 $38,516 $39,673 $40.863
After 3 years $41,573 $42,404 $43,678 $44,988
After 4 years $45,385 $46,292 $47,683 $49,113
After 5 years $49,196 $50,180 $51,686 $53,237

Additional Pay

■ Longevity pay
■ Shift differential (afternoon/midnights shifts)
■ Off duty court appearances
■ $250.00 annual uniform cleaning allowance

Benefits: Medical Insurance

■ Medical, dental, and optical plans
■ College tuition reimbursement
■ Eight (8) paid holidays per year
■ Twenty (20) vacation days per year
■ Departmental issued uniforms and equipment
■ Pension plan
■ Deferred Compensation Plan (an optional pre-tax
retirement savings plan)

San Antonio Police Department Hiring Process – SAPD Application Steps

If you are looking for information on the San Antonio Police Department Hiring Process you’ve landed on the right web page. However you must understand that the SAPD selection process is a long and tedious one. Sometimes taking up to a year before you are hired.

The length of the recruiting process is pretty standard at any law enforcement agency across the country. It is is a bit longer in larger agencies like SAPD where the applicant pool is enormous. Below is the steps you’ll need to complete before you are offered the job.

There are several steps applicants must successfully pass before being appointed to The San Antonio Police Academy Cadet program.

Preference Point System:

To be considered for Veteran’s Preference: Applicants can receive 5 points with a qualifying DD214.  TCLEOSE Peace Officer Certified: With an Intermediate or higher can receive 2 points. A Bachelors Degree: or higher, an applicant can receive 2 points. Associates Degree: An applicant can receive 1 point. San Antonio Resident: If applicants are and have been residing within San Antonio for 180 days or more they can receive 1 point toward their exam score.  A minimum of 70% is required to receive any preference points.  The max number of points you can receive is 5.

The process begins once your PHS (Personal History Statement or Application) has been reviewed and accepted.

Once your PHS has been accepted applicants will go through the following steps.

  • Written Exam
    • The written exam is the first step in the hiring process. It primarily tests the applicants reading/writing comprehension skills, spatial orientation (map reading), visualization skills, memorization & problem solving skills.  The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions which will be taken on a computer.  Please go to TESTING READINESS page to download the study guide. The exam is graded immediately upon completion. Applicants who successfully pass the written exam with a 70% or better will be scheduled to take the PT test.

    Physical Fitness Test

    • The physical fitness test (PT test) consists of 4 events and is on a pass or fail system.  The criteria to pass is based upon your age and gender. Please go to theTESTING READINESS page to review the passing criteria and additional information.

    Background Investigation

    • A complete background investigation is conducted into the applicant’s general personal reputation, education, military history, driving record, arrest record, drug usage, employment history, credit history, special qualifications and skills. Please review the
      SUITIBILITY FACTORS to see the Civil Service Standards.

    Assessment Board Interview

    • A panel composed of three (3) experienced San Antonio PoliceOfficers will assess the applicant’s character through job related and hypothetical situations/scenarios.  Key points in one’s character are flexibility, a sense of self preservation, confidence, integrity, one’s ability to explain and articulate responses, decision making skills and common sense.

    Medical Physical Examination

    • Applicants must be certified by a licensed physician approved/selected by the City of San Antonio.  Applicants must be declared physically sound and free from defect, which may adversely affect the performance of the duties of a police officer.

    Polygraph Examination

    • Polygraph examinations are conducted by a licensed polygraph examiner approved/selected by the San Antonio Police Department.  The sole purpose of examination is to verify the applicant’s truthfulness.

    Psychological Examination

    • A licensed psychologist or psychiatrist approved/selected by the San Antonio Police Departmentmust certify Applicants.  The evaluation will determine if the applicant’s psychological and emotional health is appropriate to the duties and functions of a professional police officer.

    Final Review

    • Upon successful completion of the application process, the Chief of Police reviews each candidate’s file.  Once approved by the Chief of Police candidates are appointed to the rank of “Police Cadet”.

Average Salary, Pay Scale, Earnings & Benefits SAPD

Position: Monthly:
Police Cadet $2,369 (PER MONTH)
Probationary Police Officer $39,106 (ANNUALLY)
Police Officer – Step A-F $45,019 – $61,322 ANNUALLY)
Police Detective – Step A-D $63,036 – $68,164 (ANNUALLY)
Police Sergeant – Step A-C $71,604 – $74,480 (ANNUALLY)
Police Lieutenant – Step A-C $80,184 – $83,427 (ANNUALLY)
Police Captain – Step A-C $92,020 – $95,729 (ANNUALLY)

• VA Certified:

The Training Academy is certified for full-time Veteran’s Administration Education Benefits.

• Promotional Opportunities:

Promotional Opportunities: Opportunity for promotion and corresponding salary increases are based on Civil Service Exams. Officers are elligible to test for promotion after serving at least five years as a Patrol Officer and 2 years at any other rank.

• Night Differential Pay: $350.00/month

• Language Skill Pay: $50.00/month

• Standby Pay:

Officers assigned to S.W.A.T., S.W.A.T. alternates, K-9, Bomb, and Crisis Negotiators receive $157.00/month.

• Active Assignment Pay:

Officers assigned to the Blue E.A.G.L.E. Helicopter Unit or serve as coordinators for the Volunteers in Policing Program receive $157.00/month.

• Education Incentive Pay for Degrees:

Associates = $215.00/month
Bachelors = $315.00/month
Masters = $335.00/month
Doctorate = $350.00/month

• Education Incentive Pay for Accredited Hours (prior to degree):

65-94 = $60.00/month
95-124 = $90.00/month
125-154 = $120.00/month
155-184 = $150.00/month
185-214 = $180.00/month
215-229 = $210.00/month
230+ = $240.00/month

• Certification Pay:

Basic Certificate = $30
Intermediate = $130.00
Advanced = $170.00
Masters = $210.00

• Longevity Pay:

Each officer’s regular rate of pay is increased 3% for each five years of longevity, to a maximum of 30 years or 18%. The increase is independent of any other increases gained through the “Collective Bargaining Agreement.”

• Leave Conversion or Buy Back:

The City will buy back or convert either in “pay” or in “other forms of leave” at the officer’s discretion, up to fithteen (15) unused sick leave days per year.

• Court Pay

• Education Reimbursement Program

• Insurance:

Insurance: Health, Dental, Optical, Life (includes dependent coverage)

• Accumulated Leave:

Vacation, Holiday, Military, Sick, CT

• Bonus Days:

Quarterly bonus for unused sick days.

• Clothing Allowance:

New Graduating Officers $480.00 +
$840.00  Oct 1, 2010
$960.00  Oct 1, 2011
$1200.00  Oct 1, 2012
$1440.00  Oct 1, 2013

• Maximum Allowable Retirement Benefits

• Physical Fitness Incentive:

The City of San Antonio and the San Antonio Police Department are committed to a healthy, physically fit and well-trained police department. In demonstrating that commitment, officers who participate and meet standards established in a police academy-sponsored wellness program, or meet the physical standards established by the academy during the annual in-service training, are rewarded with administrative leave up to 5 days.
All applicants must meet the following minimum requirements and suitability facotrs in order to apply for the entry level position of police cadet.

Minimum Age: Must be at least 20 years and 6 months at time of written examination (contact a recruiter for minimum age exception).
Maximum Age: Must not have reached 45 years of age at time of appointment to the Police Academy.
Education: High School Diploma or
G.E.D. plus 12 college hours.
(Academic records must reflect a minimum overall grade point average of “C” or its numerical equivalent.)
Military Service: Must have an Honorable Discharge.
(Uncharacterized and Entry-Level discharges may be accepted and will be assessed on an individual basis.)
Citizenship: Must be a United States Citizen at the time of application.
All applications are screened to determine if the applicant meets the minimum requirements and qualifies for further consideration.
Entrance Examination:At the time of application, cleared applicants will be notified of a test date.REQUIREMENTS Applicants cannot have any of the following:

  • Two or more traffic violation conviction(s) within twelve months preceding the date of application.
  • Is prohibited by state of federal law from operating a motor vehicle.
  • Is currently under indictment for any criminal offense.
  • Has a conviction of a misdemeanor offense above the grade of Class “C” within the last ten years.
  • Has a conviction of any offense above the grade of a Class B Misdemeanor or any crime involving moral turpitude.
  • Has ever been on court-ordered community supervision or probation for any criminal offense above the grade of Class B misdemeanor.
  • Has been on court-ordered community supervision or probation for a Class B misdemeanor within the last ten years from the date of the court order.
  • Is prohibited by state or federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition.
  • Has been convicted of a crime involving family violence.
  • Was discharged from any military service under less than Honorableconditions. Including specifically: General (under Honorable conditions), other than Honorable, bad conduct, dishonorable, or any other characterization of service indicating bad character.


Suitability factors are defined by the Civil Service Commission. Prospective cadets must meet all suitability requirements to be considered for appointment to the police academy. Factors such as work history, academic ability, financial responsibility, truthfulness and use of elicited substances are important in identifying qualified applicants. Read the actual Civil Service Commission rules here.

Atlanta Police Department Hiring Process: Employment Application & Recruitment

How to Join Atlanta PD

how to join atlanta police department, hiring process

Being part of the Atlanta Police department makes you part of a high profile, dedicated force that is Georgia’s largest agency for law enforcement. They have one bureau and three divisions, working in collaboration with the community to ensure safety and protection from all kinds of violence and emergencies.

The force relies on its Herbert T. Jenkins Police Training Academy to train and prepare the officers. Since 1947, the facility with its state of the art infrastructure, equipment and technology has been the threshold for all recruits before they are sworn into the Atlanta Police Force. The online application process sets the ball rolling for an action packed career ahead.


The following conditions are mandatory for anyone who wants to apply for recruitment to the Atlanta Police Department:

  • Must be a Citizen of United States
  • Minimum age to apply is 20 years
  • Possess a valid Driver’s License
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Should have the required scores on a Compass Test/ SAT/ACT Tests or have passed the Georgia Post Entrance Exam.
  • If applicable, Honorable discharge from any other military branch
  • Must pass the visual ability test, medical examination and physical agility tests
  • Successfully complete the personality assessment and the cognitive skills test.


The entire process is based on an online application form that needs to be filled completely and truthfully.After submitting this form, applicants are called to a job fair where they need to bring along all their required documentation in order to start the testing process. The documents are to verify the true identity, personal information and qualification of the candidate. Once the document verification process is complete, applicants proceed for an interview and a Psychometric test.

Criminal Background Check, Fitness Test & Oral Board Interview

The next step is a thorough background check conducted on the candidate.The Chief of Police takes the final call on hiring people for the Atlanta Police Department.After passing all levels, and accepting a conditional employment letter, the applicant must clear the pre- employment psychological, medical and physical agility tests.

The Chief of Police then reviews the file of the applicant for final approval.The applicant is then intimated by the Human Resource Department on the date of joining and other formalities.A rigorous training program at the Training Academy follows the selection process before the candidates are sworn in as officers of the Atlanta Police Department.

TRAINING at the Herbert T. Jenkins Police training Academy

The new recruits have to display high levels of physical agility during a 22 week rigorous training at the Atlanta Police Academy. Besides this, there are also high standards expected during 3 months of field training and classroom sessions. The academy experience consists of a minimum of:

80 hours- defensive training
80+ hours- physical training
48 hours- firearms training
Several hundred hours of classroom instruction

For most recruits, the academy training is exhaustive, challenging them on all counts of emotional, physical, psychological and academic undertakings. As they take on their roles of officers after the training, they are physically and mentally equipped to protect themselves and the communities they serve.


Being an officer in the Atlanta Police Academy (APD) comes with numerous benefits.
They are entitled to life insurance, health and medical care, family health benefits, leave plans, a housing incentive program that covers relocation, discounted rental opportunities, down payment assistance programs, etc.

Besides these the annual starting salaries for officers of different ranks are:Police recruits during their initial assignment and academy training draw approx. $ 34726Police officers possessing high school diploma or equivalent get approx. $39327Police officers possessing Associate Degree of 2 years from college draw approx. $40704Police officers possessing Bachelors Degree of 4 yrs from college get an approx. $42128

Promotional Structure at APD

After serving the department for three years, officers become eligible to be promoted as Supervisors, Senior Police Officers, Field Training Officers, Investigators or into other specialized units like school detectives, deployed in youth/community services, cyber crimes, intelligence squads, electronic surveillance, financial investigations, homeland security, helicopter patrol, mounted patrol, criminal investigations, K-9 Units, S.W.A.T etc.The APD Foundation also offers many trainings and scholarships to help its officers select and rise in their individual career paths.

San Jose Police Department Hiring/Recruiting Process

If you are looking for information regarding the San Jose Police Department Application process you’ve landed on the right page. However you must understand that the hiring processis a lot different from any other jobs you’ve pursued in your life.

For instance, the selections process to become a SJPD police officer is a long, and tedious one. The process may take up to a full year before you are offered the position. Don’t get discouraged because the employment process for cops is pretty similar nationwide.


San Jose PD Requirements & Qualifications:

Please note that the San Jose Police Department DOES NOT administer the physical agility (WSTB/1.5 mile run) and PELLETB written examination. Applicants are required to complete both of these tests and the remaining minimum requirements BEFORE applying for the position of San Jose Police Recruit.

  • Must successfully pass the California P.O.S.T Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB), also known as the P.O.S.T. Reading and Writing Test, with a “T-score” of 50 or higher (http://www.eventbrite.com/event/204118524)
  • Must successfully pass the Work Sample Test Battery (WSTB) also known as the physical agility test with a T-score of 320 or higher (http://www.theacademy.ca.gov/)
  • Must successfully pass the 1.5 mile run (http://www.theacademy.ca.gov/)
  • Must be at least 20½ years old at the time of application (The mandatory retirement age is 70 years old)
  • Must possess a valid United States driver’s license
  • Must possess a U.S. high school diploma or general education diploma (GED).  Waived, if you have a college degree, from an accredited college within the U.S.
  • Must have completed at least 40 semester college units or 60 quarter college units from an accredited college or university.  We cannot accept in-progress credits or credits from another police academy to suffice the college requirement.
  • Must possess U.S. Citizenship or be a permanent resident alien who has applied for citizenship
  • Must have at least 20/40 vision uncorrected
  • Cannot have any felony, domestic violence, misdemeanor assault convictions or currently be on parole or probation.

If you are currently a non-affiliate, student or graduate of a California Police Academy you will be required to attend the San Jose Police Academy. (No exceptions to this policy)


    1. When you have successfully passed the prerequisite tests and you meet the minimum requirements, submit an online application at www.joinsjpdblue.com.  Submit your T-scores online with your application.  You will be sent notification to proceed to the next step, the PHQ.
    2. Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) – Approx. 60 minutes. Online questionnaire that relates directly to job suitability.  Required for police recruit applicants only and must pass to proceed to the Oral Board Interview. PHQ waived for Lateral Police applicants.
    3. Oral Board Interview (Approx. 60 minutes long, with a panel of three (3) raters.)View the Oral Interview Schedule. Only eligible applicants who have been issued a password may register for an appointment.
    4. Background Phase – A complete and thorough background investigation of references and personal histories including:
      • Polygraph Exam
      • Psychological Oral Interview
      • Psychological Written Test

View the Background Interview Schedule Only eligible applicants who have been issued a password may register for an appointment.

  1. Hiring Board Review – Qualified candidates are selected and given a “conditional job offer.”
  2. Medical Exam – A medical check of each candidate for job suitability.
  3. Employment with the City of San Jose. (Police recruits will have approximately one (1) month before the San Jose Police Academy begins. Lateral Police Officers will begin the field training program.)

How Much Does San Jose Police Officers Make?

San Jose PD Pay Scale, Pay Chart, Pay Range, Average Salary


  • Academy pay is $33.28 an hour, until sworn in as a police officer
  • Police officer, starting step 1 salary $80,641
  • Police officer, ending step 7 salary $116,093
  • Lateral police officer salary determined by experience, training and education


  • 4 day work week, 10 hours a day
  • 5% additional premium pay for certain specialized assignments
  • Overtime pay assignments
  • Off-duty secondary employment starting pay of $44.00 an hour
  • City pays 90% of Kaiser medical plan / 100% dental plan
  • Domestic partnership benefits
  • Paid vacation of 80 hours to start, 180 hours maximum
  • Paid accrued sick leave of 96 hours annually
  • Up to 100% sick leave cash-out at retirement
  • Annual uniform allowance of $675.00
  • Up to 90% of salary for retirement (30 years of service) with 3% annual cost of living increase
  • PERS retirement reciprocity
  • Up to four (4) years of retirement buy-in for military experience
  • Bi-weekly bilingual pay


The San Jose Police Department is looking for police officers from other law enforcement agencies across the nation, year round.  We are looking for those individuals who can bring their experience, training and education to one of the most recognized professional law enforcement agencies in California, the San Jose Police Department.  In order to begin the lateral process you must meet the following minimum requirements before applying:


* Must be currently employed as a California Law Enforcement Officer.
* Must possess a California Basic P.O.S.T. Certificate
* Must successfully pass the Work Sample Test Battery (WSTB) also known as the physical agility test with a “T-score” of 384 or higher within the last year  http://www.theacademy.ca.gov/
* Successfully passed the 1.5 mile run
* Must be 21 years old and not older than age 70
* Must possess a valid California driver’s license
* Must have completed a field training program from a California law enforcement agency and have one (1) year of field patrol experience
* Must possess a U.S. high school diploma or general education diploma (GED)
* Must have completed at least 60 semester college credits or 90 quarter college credits from an accredited college or university
* Must possess U.S. Citizenship or permanent resident alien who has applied for citizenship
* Must have at least 20/40 vision uncorrected
* Cannot have any felony, domestic violence, misdemeanor assault convictions or currently be on parole or probation.

If you are currently a non-affiliate, student or graduate of a California police academy, you do not qualify as a Lateral Police applicant and you will be required to attend the San Jose Police Academy.

The San Jose Police Department does not accept Out-of-State Lateral Police Officer transfers or Federal Law Enforcement transfers who have completed the California POST Basic Course Waiver. All Law Enforcement Officers wishing to transfer from Out-of-State or from a Federal Law Enforcement Agency must apply as an entry Level applicant and then attend the San Jose Police Academy. If you have further questions, contact Sergeant Wayne Jones at 408-277-4693.

Jacksonville (FL) Sheriff Department Hiring/Recruiting Process


If you are interested in becoming a police officer in Florida for the Jacksonville Sheriff Office you must understand that the application process will take some time. In fact, it may take up to a year before you are hired. The recruiting process to become a police officer is a long one, but it’s like that everywhere so don’t get discouraged.

Because of the ever rising civil liability claims against PD’s nationwide,  no wonder why law enforcement agencies are so meticulous when hiring a potential recruit. The last thing a city/county want to do is hire a police officer who is mentally unstable. That’s just a lawsuit waiting to happen down the road.


  • Must possess a High School diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Must possess a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university OR Possess an accredited Associate’s Degree or equivalent (60 semester/90 quarter hours) with four (4) years prior active military or law enforcement experience OR Possess 90 semester/135 quarter hours with two (2) years prior active military or law enforcement experience.
  • Be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.
  • Be a citizen of the United States.
  • Must possess a valid Florida driver’s license.
  • Be in good physical condition
  • Be of good moral character
  • NOT HAVE received a dishonorable discharge from any of the Armed Forces
  • NOT HAVE been convicted of any felony
  • NOT HAVE been convicted of a misdemeanor involving false statement, perjury or domestic violence
  • Must pass Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJBAT) for Law Enforcement. Contact the Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) at (904)633-8388 or click here for Assessment and Certification testing information.


  • Must have a Training Certification issued by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. A copy of state exam test score must be submitted at time of application. Out of state certified applicants contact Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) at 1-850-410-8600 to obtain certification transfer information. The Jacksonville Sheriffs Office sponsors PAID Non Certified Police Recruit training classes at FSCJ (North Campus). The salary and tuition will be paid to candidates selected for the class.

Prior to being selected for employment, all applicants must successfully complete the following:


  • Physical Ability Test
  • Writing Skills Test
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Background Investigation
  • Credit History Check
  • Driving History
  • Criminal History
  • 10 Year Employment and Residential Check
  • Oral Board Interview
  • Medical/Stress Test/Drug Screen
  • Psychological Examination

Applications must be typewritten or submitted on line. Applications along with required documents will be
accepted at the Criminal Justice Training Center, 4715 Capper Road, Building P, Monday through Friday
between the hours of 8 a.m.- 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.- 4 p.m. Local residents are encouraged to hand deliver their application during normal business hours.


A Police Officer’s base salary is determined by a seventeen year career path. Officers start at $37,356 annually, reaching $56,388 after six years and $64,409 after seventeen years. Sergeants earn 17% above an officer’s and Lt. 17% above Sergeant.

These base salaries typically increase every year in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements. In addition, those in the Police ranks may be eligible to receive education incentives. Other Pay premium include shift differential, working out-of-classification, state career incentives for advanced training, etc. If becoming a member of the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office appeals to you, we urge you to apply today.


Members may retire with a minimum of 20 years of service and collect sixty percent (60%) or a maximum of 30
years and collect eighty percent (80%) of their average base pay for the last two (2) years. Members are
eligible to vested rights after five years of service at two and one-half percent (2 1/2 %) per year of service .
Officers are eligible to enroll in the Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) after twenty years and retire
with a substantially enhanced pension upon reaching twenty-five years service. There is no age requirement.


Annual leave may be accrued up to 600 hours at the end of each fiscal year. Officers are compensated for all
hours in excess of 600.

HOLIDAY: Twelve paid holidays per year


  • Tuition reimbursement, at Florida State College Jacksonville/University of North Florida rates.
  • State education salary incentives of $30 monthly, for obtaining an Associate’s degree and $80 monthly, for obtaining a Bachelors/Master’s degree. State incentives are applicable after obtaining FloridaDepartment of Law Enforcement (FDLE) certification and are non-cumulative.
  • City education incentive of $200 monthly for obtaining a Master’s degree, with 18 semester hours of police sciences. City education incentive is applicable after completing probation.


  • Medical Coverage
  • Dental Plan


May be granted up to 5 days off without loss of pay.


May be granted up to 17 working days each calendar year for reserve training in the National Guard or Armed
Forces Reserve.


Services raises are based on $25 per month for each 5 years of service. All other raises are bargained for by
the Fraternal Order of Police.
Closing Date – Continuous Recruitment

Units Inside Jacksonville Sheriff Department

  • Detective Division
  • Organized Crime
  • Motorcycle
  • K-9
  • Mounted Unit
  • Marine Unit
  • Aviation Unit
  • Bicycle Unit
  • Community Affairs Division
  • Hostage Negotiator
  • Field Training
  • Intelligence Section
  • SWAT
  • Dive Unit
  • Crime Scene Evidence Technicians
  • Reserves