Workout Routine for Women Law Enforcement Candidates

When it comes to getting physically fit for the law enforcement fitness test, men and women have different ways in which they accomplish this goal. For men, it usually comes with the thought of weight training and bulking up; women are more interested in building stamina and losing weight.

However, weight training is just as beneficial for women as it is for men. Contrary to popular belief, women should not  only do cardio or workout with light weights when training for the law enforcement PFT test. In this effective workout routine that I’m about to share with you, women are free to pick the heaviest weight they can handle.

These exercise routines that I’m going to reveal will build lean muscle (not bulk), improve your conditioning, as well as remove unwanted fat. The combination of strength training and cardiovascular improvement is ultimately what you need in a training program to successfully pass any police fitness test. That’s why I encourage males and females alike to avoid doing one-size-fits-all workout program that you’ll find in most fitness magazines and on the internet. Instead follow a Law Enforcement Specific Workout Program especially designed for the physical fitness test.

You don’t need to do a long cardio session everyday to build an insanely fit body.

Workout Routine #1- Super Set Training

As a personal trainer, I only suggest super set training to law enforcement candidates. Why? Because the pace of the workout will not only improve your cardio, but it will build rock hard muscles as well. The super set workout technique has been used by world class athletes to build muscle and burn fat for years. Super sets, if you study up on it, have been proven to provide great results in women when done the right way.

The following super-set workout plan is a great one for women who are training for the police officer physical fitness test, police academy, or any other law enforcement branch PFT test (FBI, DEA, ATF, Secret Service, border patrol) . Make sure you do each set back-to-back (example: 1A & 1B) without any rest in between each set and then take a 30 second rest. Repeat for 3 more cycle.

1A) Dumbbell Squat- 8 reps
1B) Dumbbell Incline Chest Press- 8 reps

2A) Dumbbell Split Squat- 8 reps
2B) Dumbbell Flat Bench Press- 8 reps

3A) Pull ups- 5 reps
3B) Push ups- 8 reps

All of these exercises should be done with medium to heavy weight. The great thing about super-set workouts is they are fast and fun to do. They are a great way to build lean muscle fast for maximum fat loss.

Workout Routine #2- Interval Training

Another highly effective training technique that will get you into shape at warp speed is interval training. In fact, interval training is the foundation of my Fit For Duty Workout Program. In it, I pull the curtain off and show law enforcement applicants how to use high intensity interval training to quickly get into the best shape of their life.

Interval training is a great way for women to build stamina and target belly fat. This is one of the best workout routines for women because they will shape you up, define your legs, as well as carve out a nice looking flat stomach. Intervals are easier when done on a treadmill because you are able to monitor your time and speed. For example, running at a moderately fast pace for 45 seconds then slowing down to a jog or walk for 90 seconds is an interval. For a good interval session, each workout must have 6 intervals. This is the minimum requirement for a good  cardio session.

Super-sets and intervals each take about 20 minutes to complete. If you decide to do them back to back then you are looking at a 45 minute workout. Combining these two workouts is so powerful that you only need to do them 3 days a week to get amazing results. If you are in a hurry you can also do super-sets one day and intervals on another for a total of six days at 20 minutes per workout.

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Tacfit Commando – Military, Navy Seal, Marine Type Workout Routines

Tacfit Commando is a fitness program I wouldn’t normally give a second look or even write about on this blog because this is a law enforcement focused site, but this type of training is so new and so impressive that I wanted to tell you about it.

This is a program that’s more focused on functionality than on building more muscle tissue. If you’re interested in challenging workouts, the kind that top notch military units do to prepare them for action, I believe that the Tacfit Commando Military/ Law Enforcement Workout Program is a system you should know about.

What is Tacfit Commando?

Tacfit Commando is a body weight exercise program created by Scott Sonnon. This program includes exercises and routines that Scott Sonnon uses to train military, government, and special ops groups around the globe.

These men don’t need bigger muscles just for appearance’s sake. They need to be able to perform in extreme circumstances and to be sure their body is in top form at all times. This is why the exercises in the Tacfit Commando are functional exercises designed to improve flexibility, strength, stamina, recovery, and the ability to create short bursts of extreme physical activity.

In addition, the guys in special ops units don’t have a lot of time to go to the gym and do traditional workouts. Often, they’re no where near a gym, but they still need to workout hard.

This is why all the workouts in the Tacfit Commando program don’t require equipment and can be done very fast. In fact, the entire program is built on the concept of ultra-short but intensive workouts. The exercises are quick and the rest time between sets is short. Each workout is up to 30 minutes long and can be done practically everywhere.

Who uses the Tacfit Commando

This program or parts of it are used by the following (according to the official site):

  • Israeli Recon Special Forces Paratrooper Unit
  • Close protection squad of the Italian Prime Minister and his family
  • Counter terrorism squads around the world
  • Firefighters and law enforcement officers
  • US Martial Arts Team

What do all of these people have in common?

They all rely on their body to do their job and require top form physical ability to be able to carry out the missions they have, whether it is to do battle, fight crime, fight fire, or engage in hand to hand combat.

This is why the workouts in this program aren’t the sort of workouts people do in gyms. They are more about how to push the body into a new level of ability and not to improve appearance.

Tacfit Commando Workouts

The workouts in the program are explained in detail with pictures and videos. I’ve not seen many programs that offer this kind of extensive explanation and make sure you work with 100% correct form.

The various exercises are then arranged into workouts according to various fitness levels for you to choose from. I recommend starting out with the easiest workouts even if you consider yourself fit. These are not your “run of the mill” workouts. You may be surprised to find out how challenging they really are.

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Should You use this program

If your top priority is to build the most massive muscle mass you can, this isn’t the program for you. However, if you’re looking to shoot your physical ability to a whole new level and see what the top military units go through to get into combat shape, then I highly recommend Tacfit Commando.

In conclusion

TacFit Commando is an excellent program that can help you improve muscle tone, burn off the stubborn body fat, and become much fitter. I can’t guarantee you will have the same kind of fitness level like a Navy Seal or a special ops soldier, but you can come much closer than you would have otherwise.

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Workouts To Lose Weight Before Becoming a Police Officer

Whether you want to drop body fat in preparation for the police agility test, police training academy, or you just want to lose a few extra pounds, you have come to the right place. In this article I’m going to discuss five highly effective fat loss methods that you can do right in the comfort of your own home

In addition to following a good diet, proper exercise is a very important aspect of the body fat shedding process. In this article you’re going to read about five effective but simple  exercises to lose fat.

There are many ways to go about losing the weight considering all the various machines and routines, but we’re going to zero in on exercises that fall into the two main types of exercises- aerobic and anaerobic (strength training).

The primary role of aerobic exercise is to help your body burn fat calories during the exercise routine. Meanwhile, strength training’s contribution to weight loss is to burn a number of calories while you rest, which is known as increasing the speed of your resting metabolic rate (RMR).

Interestingly, the more muscular your body is, the more your RMR actually increases (i.e., burns more calories) because it takes more energy maintaining muscles than it does to maintain fat. With that in mind, here are five aerobic and strength training exercises that can easily be done almost anywhere and when done with consistency will certainly assist you in losing weight.

It is so important to adopt a workout routine that will build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Do each of these five exercises in sets, 2 to 3 sets, 10-20 of each per set. However, if you’re just starting a training program, consider beginning with fewer sets and fewer reps per set. You might want to try working out  just 2-3 days/week, except the walking.

1)Squats. These will build your leg and buttock muscles, which are the largest muscles in the human body. Every other day stand in front of mirror, place your feet at shoulder/s width and squat up and down.

Add 2 lb as you begin to build strength. or 5 lb. dumbbells to your routine, holding them in your hands and your work out. Be sure to loosen up a little first, and stop immediately if you feel any pain in your knees.

2)Pushups. Doing push ups are a form of strength training because you are supporting nearly 70% of your body weight. These will increase your RMR and strengthen your arms.

3)Jumping Jacks. Perhaps you haven’t done any of these since elementary gym class, but this is an excellent aerobic exercise that affects the entire body. These can be noisy, so be considerate of neighbors if you live in any room above the first floor.

4) High Stepping. This is a great way to not only burn calories, but to also give your heart a good workout. Use stairs if you have them in your home. You can also use stackable step mats (stack from 12 to 15 inches high <38cm>) or a step stool with a wide, solid base.

This is also a good exercise for shaping your rear-end and legs. Don’t overdo it at first. If you can only do one set of each of these four exercises initially, that’s fine.

5) Fast Walking. Once you have completed the first four sets of exercises, finish with fast walking. This is better than regular walking because you can burn fat even faster.

After stretching and loosening up, build to a fast speed and try to maintain it for some time. Once you get tired, rotate between a few minutes of fast and then slower walking. 30-60 minutes is ideal once you build to that ability.

Utilizing just these five effective and simple exercises aids you in losing weight and combining exercises that build muscle (strength training) and burn fat (aerobic exercises). They may seem a bit old school, but they really work!

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