Orange County Sheriffs Department Exam

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Interview Process

iStock 000006155172XSmall 150x150 Orange County Sheriffs Department ExamWant to become a deputy Sheriff for the orange county police department? There are some major hurdles you’ll have to overcome before you can wear that prestigious badge. One of the biggest hurdles, other than the initial physical assessment test, is the Deputy Sheriff Oral Board Interview. If you perform well during your initial interview, especially during the brutal scenario based questions, you’ll impress the panel.

On the contrary if you show up to your interview unprepared and subsequently do poorly on the deputy sheriff oral board interview, you’ll likely get eliminated from the hiring process. So the best way to prevent being eliminated prematurely is to prepare for the oral exam NOW. The hiring panel put a lot of emphasis on your interview session as it measures your reasoning and judgment capabilities.

Many applicants don’t realize the Orange County interview process is completely different from any other past job interviews. You’ll be asked a lot of stressful questions by a set of six to eight veteran police officers. It can be pretty intimidating, but with properly preparation you can successfully pass the interview.

How to prepare for the deputy sheriff oral board interview:

Well the best and simplest way to prepare is to ready your responses to known questions that you are likely to be asked by the panel. One common question is, “Why do you want to become a Deputy Sheriff for the Orange County Police Department?” If you answer this question correctly, you can ultimately set the tone for the duration of the interview.

There are other commonly asked questions you should prepare for. The trick though is not to project your response to these questions as though you are reading from a note. The worst thing you can do is sound scripted and robotic during your interview.

I hope this helps you. If you want more commonly asked interview questions for the Orange County Sheriff Interview process, visit any law enforcement forum, you local library or you can even download our Oral Board Interview Ultimate Success Guide.

Philadelphia Police Department Sample test Questions

If you want to become a cop for the Philadelphia Police Department, there are some exams you’ll be required to pass first. Becoming a police officer is not like a traditional job search where you fill out an application, you are then interviewed, and later told if you are hired or not. In contrast, the process to become a police officer takes months and sometime even years if you fail some of the exams, but the pay off is worth it.

Here are some of the steps you’ll have to go through in order to work for the city of Philadelphia. There’s the background check, medical evaluation, Police Written Exam, physical fitness test, psychological evaluation, drug screening test, and the all important oral board interview.

Today I’m going to discuss the Police Entrance Exam. I’ll be the first one to tell you the police exam is not a breeze in the park, especially at PPD. In fact, the police entrance exam is as tough as it gets. That’s why I’ve always encouraged candidates to get a good police exam Study guide from a reputable source online or at their local bookstore. Why? Well, the failure rating for first time test takers is staggering.

To make matters worse for fellow applicants, if you fail the exam, you will have to wait a while until you can retake it again. I don’t know if they’ve changed it, but in the past you were expected to wait at least six months to a year until you could re-take the exam. That is why it is so important to pass it the first time around.

For those who are thinking about becoming a police officer, I’ve designed a sample practice test question below to help you prepare. As you read the scenario question below, use common good sense to come up with the correct answer.

Police Exam Sample Test Question:

1. While on patrol, Officer Swpolice 250x251 Philadelphia Police Department Sample test Questionseat was radioed about a theft that just occurred at the local dance hall. The witnesses described the suspect as being a white male, long brown hair, blue eyes, and wearing a dark sports jacket. The suspect was also said to have a mustache, and missing  three fingers on his left hand. 7 hours into Officer Sweat’s shift, he spots a vehicle  occupied by 3 white males matching the description. He immediately stops the vehicle.

Officer Sweat believes that one of the subjects inside the car is the suspect but he is not completely sure. Which information provided by witnesses are the most helpful tip in identifying the suspect.

A. The suspect was described as having long dark hair.

B. The suspect was described to be missing three fingers.

C. The suspect was wearing a navy blue sports jacket.

D. The subject was said to have a mustache.

The correct answer to this sample test question is B. someone who has 3 missing fingers is unusual. Meaning that’s not something that you normally see everyday.  So if the suspect was identified as having three missing fingers, then that characteristic would be the most helpful tip in identifying the suspect.

The other answers just don’t cut it especially after 7 hours has lapsed between the commission of the crime and the time he was spotted. For instance, the suspect has enough time to shave his mustache, cut his hair, and change clothes.

Police Oral Board Answers

Police Oral Board Answers

If you are going to be successful during your police oral board interview, you must prepare some of your answers to commonly asked questions. There is nothing wrong with preparing your answers before facing the interview panel, but there is something wrong if your answers sound robotic and rehearsed. As long as you don’t sound like you are reading from a piece of paper, you should be fine.

Here’s an example of one question you’ll definitely hear during your oral board interview. Mind you the panel does not necessary have a set “right” or “wrong” answer written somewhere. Nevertheless,  some answers are better than others.


1) You’re working traffic prevention when you notice a red vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. You immediately active your light bar and stop the vehicle. When you approach the driver you realize that it’s your mother.

What is your next course of action since the violator is your mother?

Correct Answer:

First know, this question is not a set up question, meaning the panel is not trying to trick you. In fact, the panel wants to see if you will be honest and not tell them what you think they want to hear.

The panel know good, and well that you would not issue your mother a citation in a real world situation so don’t lie and tell them that you will.  A good answer would be: I would certainly not issue my own mother a citation, but I would instruct her not to speed anymore, and that she is putting me in a bad position.

This answer is right on target for that particular question. Your answer shouldn’t change if the violator was your brother or sister. I hope this helps as you prepare for your oral board exam.

Police Department Interview Sample Questions

If becoming a police officer was your life-long dream, then you must understand your performance on the police oral board interview is the key to getting hired.  The hiring panel puts more emphasis on how well you do on the oral exam than anything else during the hiring process.

Image having to answer tough hypothetical questions from four or five strangers.  It’s not only nerve-racking it can be a bit intimidating especially when the questions are coming from veteran “poker faced” cops.

Here’s one typical question you should expect to hear from the panel. I want to mention beforehand there are no “right” or “wrong” answers when responding to a question; it’s just that some answers  are better than others.

Police Department Sample Interview Question #1:

“You are running radar when you spot  a blue vehicle traveling 10 miles over the speed limit. You immediately stop the vehicle, and realize that the driver is your mother. What would be your next course of action since the violator is a relative?”

Police Department Interview Explanation:

I’ve seen so many applicants screw this question up mightily. Why? Because they over think the question and as a result they give a response that they think the panel wants to hear.

Here’s a rule of thumb when responding to a question from the oral board panel – ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH. The interview panel don’t expect you to give your own mother a ticket so don’t lie and tell them that you will.

If you get a follow-up question like “So your mother is allowed to break the law?”

You can respond by saying NO, but I certainly won’t issue my own mother a ticket. However, I will tell her not to speed anymore, and explain to her that she is putting me in a bad position.

Click the link to learn more about the  Police Department Interview process and download the top 100 most commonly asked police interview questions and answers

Police Interview Sample Questions For Police Officers

If you are serious about becoming a police officer then my suggestion is to get Prepare For The Police Oral Board Interview PRONTO. Why? Because the police oral exam is the single most important section of the police selection process. If you do well on the oral exam then you’ll likely get offered the position either via mail or phone. On the other hand, if you do poorly on the interview, you’ll likely get something in the mail as well, but it’s likely a disqualification letter.

Because some of the questions on the oral board interview are so predictable, I sometimes wonder why so many applicants have such a tough time. You see, you don’t need a PhD to do well on the police oral interview if you have a general idea of what you’ll be asked. All you have to do at that point is kind of script your answers for the corresponding questions. You can even have more than one response ready for a given question in case the interviewers throw a loop in the question. It’s really simple. I show exactly how this is done in my police interview prep book.

Knowing what questions you’re going to be asked is just the beginning. Some candidates know the questions and still have trouble in the interview.

Here’s one sample question that you’re surely going to be asked by the panel. Sometimes there are no “right” or “wrong” answers to a given question unless your response is way off.

Sample Police Interview Question#1:

1. You are running radar when you clock someone traveling 20 miles over the speed limit. You activate your light bar and stop the vehicle. When you approach the driver, you notice that it’s your mother.

What is your next course of action since the violator is your mother?


The best response to this question is the truth. Don’t give an answer that you think the panel wants to hear. Give an answer that is real and honest. You know as much as I do that you aren’t going to give your own mother a citation so don’t lie and tell the panel that you will. The panel will be full of veteran cops and I assure you that they wouldn’t dare give their own mother a ticket.

If you want to become well prepared, you must review more  police interview sample questions either online or by getting an interview prep booklet.