How to Get a Security Guard Job – Get Interview Tips & Advice

Security guards, called security officers, perform a vital function in numerous industries nationwide. Whether armed or unarmed, mobile or stationary, or uniform or plain clothes, they help their employers protect property and interests, while also supplementing the crime-detection efforts of traditional law enforcement agencies. As a result, they are frequently best situated to identify potential criminal acts.

How to get a security guard job:

In order to get a security officer job, you must first decide what part of the security sector interests you. As you are well aware, there are a wide variety of security jobs out there. Some are  low in risk with decent pay, while others are high in risk with great pay. When you are looking for a security guard job one of thing you want to consider is , do you want an armed or unarmed security job?

Many of the armed security officer jobs pay slightly more than the unarmed but the risk is greater. Once you have everything in order and you know exactly what you want to do,  next is to try to get an interview with a  security guard recruiting agency. Because the hiring panel puts a lot of emphasis on how well you do on your interview, I highly recommend that you read Robert Lawrence’s Killer Job Interview Secrets on how to turn the table on the interviewer(s) and have he/she chomping at the bit to hire you.

Don’t take the interview lightly because your level of success during the interview will determine if you get the job or not. That’s why it is so important to read up on the most common interview questions and practice answering the questions. Security officers are normally asked behavioral based questions during their interview.   If you don’t know what a behavioral interview question is,  I highly recommend that you download Robert Lawrence’s Job Interview Secrets Handbook.

You don’t want to be ill-prepared for your oral interview. You’ll want to be prepared for the behavioral based questions.

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Steps to Become a Security Guard in New York (NYC)

Requirements & Qualifications One Needs to Become an Unarmed Security Guard in NYC

In order to become a security guard in the State of New York, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a citizen or resident alien of the U.S.
  • Pass an FBI background check (with no serious convictions or felonies)
  • Submit your fingerprint through L-1 Enrollment Services (more on this below)
  • Take an 8-hour “pre-assignment” training course, which you must complete and pass prior to applying to the Department of State for a Security Guard Registration Card.

After you have your registration card in hand, you can then begin work as a security guard. Within the first 90 days after being hired, you must complete an additional 16 hours of on-the-job training.

Lastly, every year after that you need to complete 8 hours of additional “maintenance” training to keep your registration valid.

For your security guard training, you can contact any of these approved security guard schools in New York (PDF file). The schools on this approved list can be used for the 8 hour pre-assignment training, your 16 hours of additional on-the-job-training, as well as your annual maintenance training. School fees will apply.

Please note that all classes must be attended live. There are no approved online training schools available in New York, and taking an online course approved for another state does not qualify as well.

The Application Process

The New York State Department of State Division of Licensing Services is where you will actually apply for your security guard registration card after your initial 8-hours of training.

Along with your application, you will need to submit your fingerprint for your background check. This is done through something called L-1 Enrollment Services, which help you electronically scan your fingerprint and they’ll give you receipts for proof that you include in your application.

Then, you can use the Employee Statement and Security Guard Employer Application to apply.

Registration fees will cost:

  • $36.00 for Security Guard Registration ($25 for renewal, every two years)

Must be paid via money order, company check, or cashier’s check. No personal checks or credit cards. Checks payable to NYS Department of State.

Fingerprinting fees will cost:

  • Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) Fee: $75.00
  • FBI Fee: $19.25
  • Fingerprint Vendor Fee: $11.50
  • Total: $105.75

Check, money order or credit card. Checks payable to L-1 Enrollment Services.

Again, after you receive your registration card, you can then begin work as a security guard. Within the first 90 days, you’ll need to complete an additional 16 hours of training.