Homeland Security Career Options: Federal Air Marshall

The Federal Air Marshall is a very important component of Homeland Security. The Air Marshal program was one of the first law enforcement unit developed by Homeland Security after 9/11. They were put together mainly because of the devastation of 9/11.

Air Marshall Job Description

On average a Federal Air Marshal will fly 181 days a year. They will typically fly 15 days a month on average 5 hours a day, giving them a total of 900 hours in an airplane a year. The Federal Air Marshals Service has a mission. To help secure America by “Promoting confidence in our Nation’s civil aviation system through the effective deployment of Federal Air Marshals to detect, deter, and defeat hostile acts targeting U.S. air carriers, airports, passengers and crews.” To accomplish this mission requires dedicated and professional team members.

Federal Air Marshal Jobs are expanding within the Department of Homeland Security. They work closely with other with other agencies to ensure that the safety of air travel is of utmost importance. They are spread among a wide variety of Homeland Security and law enforcement agencies. Federal Air Marshals can be found at the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, the National Counter terrorism Center as well as the National Targeting Center and several other law enforcement agencies.

Federal Air Marshals are highly trained. They must learn to work independently and without almost any other support agency. They maintain some of the highest standards of handgun accuracy. They must learn to blend in with their surroundings, rely on their investigative techniques, recognize threatening behaviors, be proficient in close quarters combat as well as in tactics that are aircraft specific. Each Air Marshall field office also has explosive response personnel. This job specific training ensures airline travel safety on all levels.

Federal Air Marshall Jobs

Federal Air Marshal jobs can be found at one of twenty one offices around the United States, located close to the Nations Airports. Strategically placing Federal Air Marshals around the United States ensure that the Department of Transportation can respond to quickly changing terrorist threats as well as natural disasters.

Federal Air Marshal Application Process

Choosing to apply for a Federal Air Marshal job will require a unique application process. Applicants will be asked to have a panel interview, meet physical requirements as well as medical screening. Due to the nature of federal employment with the Department of Homeland Security, background checks will also be conducted to further ensure that safety and security in all areas of civil aviation is met. Federal Air Marshal jobs allow you to give back to your Country and help to ensure the safe travel of all those who travel by air. Find out more about how you can serve with the Federal Air Marshals.

Requirements & Qualifications

Applicants must be U.S. citizens and can be up to 37 years of age upon appointment (previous federal law enforcement experience may exempt applicants from the age restriction). They must also meet stringent physical, health and medical requirements and have three years of work experience. Pertinent experience may be in administrative, professional, technical or investigative work, or in other progressively more responsible jobs.

You’ll also need to have at least a bachelor’s degree, and one year of specialized work experience equivalent to the FV-G level. Examples of this include law enforcement experience (e.g., conducting criminal investigations; performing inspections or evaluations to determine compliance with laws and regulations affecting aviation; developing or implementing policies or procedures affecting aviation security; and providing security risk, threat or vulnerability assessments related to aviation security).

Federal Air Marshal Salary: Pay scale

The TSA is unique among United States federal government agencies in that it does not use the same GS pay scale. Instead, the TSA utilizes an SV grading system, with different pay bands designated by a letter from A to M. The SV grading system ranges from $17,083 to $155,500. Federal Air Marshals are hired on at the G, H or I pay level, which have the following pay ranges:

  • Pay Band G: from $39,358 to $60,982
  • Pay Band H: from $48,007 to $74,390
  • Pay Band I: from $58,495 to $90,717

If you’d like to make a good salary while protecting people from the threat of terror in the air, check the TSA website for additional Air Marshal requirements. Then get the information you need from the schools below, and start your Air Marshal training today!

Where to Listen to Police Scanners Online

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For those of you who know about it, police scanning is a hobby that is practiced on a regular basis. Some people listen to police scanners to hear police talking back and forth. Some do it to hear of any fires in the area. Emergency personnel listen in so they can respond if there is an emergency nearby.

The media often listen to police scanners as well, so they know where breaking news may be. This way they can get there to cover the story. Police usually use 155.625 on the FM dial. Dispatchers use this signal to communicate with police car radios. With a police scanner, you are able to listen to many channels.

Listen To Free Police Scanners

For those of you who love using police scanners, but don’t own one, you can still get to enjoy the satisfaction of listening to a police scanner. There are places online you can go to that provide you with the ability to listen to police scanners.

One such place is at Live Police Scanner Audio Feeds. This website can be found by going to http://www.police-scanner.info/live-police-scanners.htm. Once you get to the site, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a listing of audio feeds. There will be a section for the latest live police scanner audio feeds. Scrolling down further, you will find the live police scanner audio feed database.

Hear Live Police Feeds Online

Another place where you can listen to police scanner audio feeds is Radio Reference. The website is www.radioreference.com. When you go to Radio Reference, you can locate audio feeds from any state in the country. Just pick the place on the map and a page will show where you can choose the county. After that, just decide on the audio feed. You can also look for audio feeds based on top feeds, new feeds, or official feeds.

Online Police Codes

It doesn’t matter which website you go to for your police scanning pleasure, you will hear language that will seem strange to you. It is because of this language or coding, you should learn that language so you will be able to understand what is being said.

Go to http://passthepolicetest.com/uncategorized/free-live-police-scanner-listen-to-police-scanners and scroll down the page. You will see a list of codes. Maybe you can print out the list.

Find Law Enforcement Radio Feeds

Those who listen to police scanners are varied. You will find that many people like to listen to a radio scanner like hobbyist, emergency aid, and police in other counties. If you are into listening to a police scanner, and you don’t have the money to afford a police scanner, just go online to Radio Reference or Police Scanner Info and listen to audio feeds.

There are feeds from every place in the country. You just have to choose the state and county or city and pick the audio feeds. You’ll be able to hear actual police conversations, emergency vehicles, and many other types of communications. Police scanners are used for many reasons. Now with the Internet, you aren’t confined to just police scanners.

Federal Agent Jobs – DEA, FBI, ATF, CIA, Secret Service

Federal Agent Job Description

Federal agents, also known as special agents, are investigators employed by the United States Government. Federal agents work in all three branches of government as well as many independent government agencies.

However, the vast majority of all agents work within the departments of the Executive Branch investigating various crimes involving that department’s specialty.

Special agents investigate and enforce laws ranging from computer crime to fishery violations, murder, and everything in between.

Median Annual Salary

Based on the GS pay scale, including a 25% premium known as Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP):

$60,199 – $94,268

Education Requirements

Most federal agencies now require all candidates to have at least a bachelor’s degree with preference given to candidates with degrees in “critical skills” such as information technology, engineering, foreign language, finance, and medical studies.

federal investigators, fbi, dea, atf, law enforcement



Candidates with master’s degrees are usually hired at a higher GS rating,


thereby giving them a higher starting salary.

Job Outlook & Future Employment

Competition is expected to be high for jobs in federal agencies even while employment is set to grow 11% over the next ten years.

Applicants with relevant degrees will have the best opportunities to get hired by a federal agency.

Listen to Police Scanners Online Free – Online Police Radio

Listen To Police Scanner Live Over the Internet

If you are looking for a place to listen to live police scanners for your area then you’ve landed on the right web page. Right here on this webpage we are going to give you the best method of listening to police scanners online for your area absolutely free.

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For instance, you can be in miami and still be able to listen to police traffic live over the internet from agencies far away as Arizona or New York. This is only made possible by online police scanners.

Listen to Police Radio Live Online For Free

One of the best websites that allow you to listen to police scanners live as it happens is radio reference. Simply click on the link to listen to live police radio right now.

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