Steps To Become a Correctional Officer, Prison Guard, Jailer

Become a corrections officer federal, state, or county deputy

Becoming a Correctional Officer & Prison Guard

If you’ve decided that law enforcement is for you, consider becoming a correctional officer for your state, county or the federal government.

The great thing about government jobs is that it’s a lot more secure than private sector jobs. In some instances, especially jobs at the federal level, the pay and benefits are better in all facets.

Becoming a correctional officer, county jailer or prison guard for your state or county takes a lot of mandatory steps before you are sworn in as a certified CO. To be honest with you the entire application process is a long and tedious one.

Requirements To Become a Corrections Officer:

Before you are even allowed to apply for a position in corrections, you must meet the minimum requirements below:

  • You must be at least 18 years old (some state require that you be 21)
  • You must not have been convicted of a felony
  • You must not have been convicted of domestic battery
  • You must not have a pending criminal case
  • You must pass all pre-employment drug screen
  • You must pass the psychological exam


Additional steps to become a correctional officer (Jailer, Prison Guard, Detention Officer):

Step#1: Civil Service Exam:

You must get a satisfactory score on the correctional officer exam. The higher you score on the exam – the better ( we recommend looking over sample questions and answers at this site)

Step #2: Polygraph Test:

You must pass the polygraph test. The polygraph exam is really tricky. Statistics show that 50% of all people who take the polygraph test – fails it. That’s why we recommend reading How To Pass Your Polygraph beforehand.

Step# 3: Correctional Panel Interview:

You must pass the correctional officer oral board interview. We recommend reviewing situational interview questions at this site. It’s a very good corrections interview prep book.

Step #4: Physical Fitness Test: 

You must pass the physical fitness test. Some agencies don’t require a fitness test for their applicants. however a great amount of correctional agencies do. We suggest downloading a comprehensive law enforcement specific workout program here.

Click on the link below to learn more about being a correctional officer in your state:

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  1. i want to be a correctional officer in houston texas, i was a police officer in another country, tell me what do i have to do, will the experince i have assist me in becoming a correctional officer

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