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California Police Academy Study Guide – Download Your Prep Book

California Police Academy Study Guide – Download Your Prep Book

policeacademy California Police Academy Study Guide   Download Your Prep BookIf you want to become a police officer for the state of California, be aware it is not going to be easy. Not only will you be subjected to the military-type drill sergeant mind games, but you’ll also be required to be in good physical condition as well as be able to pass all of the course curriculum at the academy.

The problem with the academy is everything is so rapid-fire that sometimes you forget some of the material from one day to the other. I know some recruits could handle it without any problems but some struggle and as a result they flunk out. That’s why I encourage every cadet heading to the academy to Download a Police Academy Study Guide in advance.


Well as I explained above, the information coming your way can be overwhelming. Not only that, but you are expected to recall all of that information when taking the course exams. If you fail, you’ll be sent home.

The law enforcement study guide goes over actual course materials you’ll likely see at the California police academy and on the test. So once you are actually at the academy, all you’re really doing is going over information you’ve already learned and possibly new information from the instructor. You are getting exposed to the material twice. How cool is that my friend?

Ideally, you’ll want to get started about two to four weeks before you head off to the academy. If you are a self-sponsored recruit meaning that you are paying your own way, a police academy study guide is absolutely crucial. You don’t want to be sent home after spending all that money on enrollment do you? If you are already at the academy, I would still buy a police academy study. It is not ideal but it is better than nothing.

I’m not trying to scare you, but I know I had a tough time at the police academy and my academy class wasn’t in California. I know the academy in California is ten times harder physically and mentally.

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el2 California Police Academy Study Guide   Download Your Prep Book

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