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Tennessee Police Academy – Requirements Needed To Graduate

policeacademy Tennessee Police Academy   Requirements Needed To GraduateIf you want to successfully enroll into the Tennessee police academy, there are some requirements you must meet before you are accepted. The law enforcement training academy in Tennessee doesn’t just accept anyone. It doesn’t matter if you have the finances to pay your own way or not. Below I’ve listed some things that are absolutely critical if you want to enroll in the post training academy.

  • Be at least twenty-one (21) years of age
  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Possess a valid Tennessee Driver’s license with no major traffic violations
  • Complete a criminal history disclosure form in a manner approved by the appointing authority and agree to release all records involving any criminal history to the appointing authority.
  • Complete/Pass a timed challenge/physical agility test that will be conducted at the Tennessee Department of Safety’s Training Center inpoliceacadeybook Tennessee Police Academy   Requirements Needed To Graduate Donelson, Tennessee.
  • Supply a fingerprint sample in a manner prescribed by the TBI for a fingerprint based criminal history records check.
  • Pass medical, physical, and psychological examinations, which include a drug-screening, in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Have visual acuity of 20/100 uncorrected in each eye and 20/30 or better corrected in each eye.
  • Subjected to an intense background investigation, which includes a check of State and Federal criminal records, driving history, credit check, education, military, previous employment, and reference verification as well as a polygraph examination which will require some travel to the appointment.
  • No felony convictions or a conviction of any misdemeanor considered to be of moral turpitude (i.e., force, violence, theft, dishonesty, gambling, liquor (including DUI) or controlled substances).
  • A High School education is defined by the State of Tennessee as a diploma that is recognized as such by the State Department of Education for the state in which the school is located. If you attended a high school overseas, it is the applicant’s responsibility to have your education converted to U.S. education standards. Any expense to have your education converted to U.S. standards and documentation provided will be your responsibility.

Here’s a list of certified police academy institutions recognized by the state of Tennessee. If you want more info, you can contact them directly.

3300 Amnicola Hwy
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37406
Phone: 605-698-9651
Fax: 615-697-1460

PO Box 3570
Cleveland, Tennessee 37320
Phone: 615-472-7141 X412
Fax: 615-478-6255

800 E Church Ave
Knoxville, Tennessee 37915
Phone: 865-215-7111
Fax: 615-521-4107

4731 O K Robertson Rd
Memphis, Tennessee 38127
Phone: 901-357-1700
Fax: 901-353-4244


2715 Tucker Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37218
Phone: 615-862-7617
Fax: 615-862-7095

3025 Lebanon Rd
Donelson, Tennessee 37214-2217
Phone: 615-741-4448
Fax: 615-741-3366

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el2 Tennessee Police Academy   Requirements Needed To Graduate

Officer Forestal has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, 8 years law enforcement experience and is a graduate of the 2002 Police Corps, where he was recognized as an expert shooter. Former Collegiate all-American, certifield personal trainer and author of several fitness and police related books such as the Police Oral Interview Secrets, and Police Exam For Dummies. As a Law Enforcement enthusiast, E.L. has helped hundreds of candidates "ACE" their respective entrance exam and the oral board interview. Learn More...


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Comments & Responses

11 Responses so far.

  1. Marissa says:

    I really want to become a PoliceWomen when i am older and want to join the police explorer program as soon as possible, but i can not find out how old i have to be.
    Can you can please help me find out how old i have to be.
    i am wanting to do this in Loudon Tennessee.
    Thank You very much.

    P.S. Your website has helped me a lot with everything.

  2. officerforestal says:

    contact the police recruiter in your town

  3. rebecca mccrary says:

    I am persuing a career in law enforcement.Currently i am working on my criminal justice degree at southeast community and technical college. Is it possible to enter a police academy before completion of this degree? My father was a decorated officer and i want to make him proud. Thank you for your time

  4. officerforestal says:

    You can self sponsor yourself into the academy without a degree

  5. David Wright says:

    I am 26. I was given a drinking underage ticket when I was 18. Will this stop me from being eligible to become a officer? Can I get it taken off my record?

  6. Susan Sisco says:

    hi, my name is susan and i really want to be an officer. i just recently went thru a citizens police academy and enjoyed it so much but however in my past i have a class c felony which i was not guilty of but at the time i was so young and did not know about the pre trial thing nor did i have a good lawyer. what happened was i had tooken my boyfriend at the time to a local jail to deliver what he told me was stamps and notebook paper to his friend in jail i did not look inside his bag just took his word for it and he had tried to give his friend cigerates and a bottle of whisky. they got me because i had brought him down there. i lost my car i had just bought pluys got 3 years community corrections with 1 year house arrest and 100 hours community service and on top that calss c felony bringing contraband into penal institution. i myself had never been in trouble before not even as a juvi. this is a huge mark on me that keeps me from doing what i want to do which is a job in criminal justice. my sentence was 1998 and ended in 2001. i did find out later like in 2005 that the FBI had investigated the town and local law enforcement as being corrupt but my record still remains. will this stop me from being an officer?

  7. officer forestal says:

    C Felony? Look at doing something else. You won’t get hired with a C Felony..

  8. cody says:

    Hi, I am currently going to school to get my degree in criminal justice and I was wondering about the hiring process. Are you hired and then a police department pays for your police academy training? If so are you paid while attending the academy. I would really like to become an officer but attending the academy for ten weeks without pay is unrealistic for me currently and I don’t want to put it off longer than I have to.

  9. officer forestal says:

    Usually the department that hired you will pay you while you attend the academy. However if you are sponsoring yourself through the academy there is not pay..

  10. Muhammad says:

    Officer Forestal,
    I currently have an A.S. in Law Enforcement from MN.
    P.O.S.T. licensure eligible.
    I was charged with serious felony offenses which were later dismissed. Received a misdemeanor which was for unauthorized practice due to me carrying a firearm and a permit to carry civilian badge which is legal in the state of MN. The decision was to waive a jury trial and go in front of the judge assuming all fairness, well he was extremely conservative in his ruling and I was found guilty of this misdemeanor almost 4 years ago.
    I was still allowed to have my gun permit, continued with schooling and graduated from the Center For Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement in Oct. 2007. Passed the state exam for licensure eligibility on the first take. He state suspended me for 2 years but, felt they would not revoke my licensure eligibility because I would be a good cop if or when a department decided to take a chance on me.
    Now my suspension was lifted and I am free to be licensed by any department through MN P.O.S.T. board.
    Now I have moved to the Tennessee area with my wife and was inquiring about restrictions and preclusions for eligibilty within law enforcement in the Memphis, Tn area. From the initial requirements it seems I am eligible but with the background assessments and checks will my misdemeanor ultimately cause me to be deemed ineligible?

    Thank you.

  11. Charles Birdsell says:

    I Am wanting to go to the Academy how do i apply for it I live in Pulaski TN. And i talked to an officer in my town that went to donalson police academy and he recomended me to yall i just need to get started i allready got aproved for my pellgrant and waiting for a reply from them so i can get started if yall can please call me at anytime at 1931-347-4729

    Thank you
    Charles Birdsell