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If you want to become a police officer, the first examination you’ll need to pass is the physical assessment test given to all applicants. If you fail the police fitness test you’ll be disqualified and not be allowed to sit down for the police entrance exam, which is normally given right after the agility test.

That’s why it’s so important to be in good physical condition before taking the test.  You can drastically improve your endurance, strength and conditioning by following a police specific workout guide designed for law enforcement candidates.

Here are some examples of what you can do to pass the police fitness test:

1 – Flexibility – To increase flexibility it is recommended to stretch at least two times a day. In one week you will see a big difference. Your lower-back and hamstrings are the two muscles that get tested in the flexibility test, but it is recommended to stretch all muscles, not just a few muscles groups. Buy a comprehensive fitness book or join a yoga class.

2 – Body Fat Test – To pass a body fat test, it is recommended to lose excess body fat by increasing your cardio-vascular exercise. You may have to add 30-60 minutes of walking, jogging, biking, swimming, or other activity that increases your heart rate EVERYDAY. Check out this website for a police specific workout program.

3 – Agility Test – Police agencies like the Illinois Agility Test have an obstacle course that requires the students to run fast, stop quickly, change directions, and move the body from a laying position to a running stride as quickly as possible. The course is 30 feet long and 15 feet wide. Place four cones 10 feet apart at the 7.5 ft. line and the first and fourth cone at the zero and 30 ft line. A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Start agilitytest.jpg - 17639 Bytes Finish

A great scores is 15 seconds or less. A not so good or failing scores is 18-20 seconds. The best way to prepare for this test is do it over and over again. Do 5-10 times every other day at the end of a regular workout is recommended.

4 – Endurance Test – (1.5 mile run) – The 1.5 mile run is a standard endurance test by military and law enforcement alike. The best way to prepare for this test is to create a goal, divide that goal by 6. This will equal your 1/4 mile pace you should set for yourself. If that goal is 9:00, your 1/4 mile pace is a 1:30, or 3:00 1/2 mile or 6:00 mile pace. To reach this pace for 1.5 miles, try 1/4 mile repeats, 1/2 mile repeats, and mile repeats 3-5 days a week. The three mile track workout is a good option too. See Running Faster article.

5 – Upper body Strength Test – (Bench Press) This very common exercise is done on a Universal type machine – not free weights, but some jurisdictions do use free weights. Simply push up from laying on a bench as much weight as you can. You get as many tries as you like to work up to a maximum effort. Achieving your body weight is a good goal, but pushing your body weight and more will receive more points in your PEB. Bench press, push-ups, and triceps exercises are great exercises to do to assist in a better bench press on the PEB.

Here’s an example chart of what will be required of you. Check your agency first for accuracy as many departments have different fitness standards:

Activity 20-29 20-29 30-39 30-39 40+ 40+
Male Female Male Female Male Female
440 Yard Run (Time) 1:20 1:35 1:28 1:45 1:41 2:01
Sit-ups (1 minute) 24 24 21 21 17 17
Push-ups (1 minute) 21 9 18 7 15 5
Obstacle Course (Time) 15:40 18:70 16.94 20.57 19.48 23.66
Sit & Reach (” Past Toes) .5 .75 .5 .75 .25 .50
Activity 20-29 20-29 30-39 30-39 40+ 40+
Male Female Male Female Male Female
300 Meter Run (Time) 62.1 Sec. 75 Sec. 63 Sec. 82 Sec. 77 Sec. 107 Sec.
Bench Press (% Body Wgt.) .93 .56 .83 .51 .76 .47
Sit-ups (1 minute) 35 30 32 22 27 17
1.5 Mile Run (Time) 13:32 15:57 14:08 16:35 14:46 17:24
Sit & Reach (” Past Toes) .5 .75 .5 .75

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