How To Pass The Police Fitness Test

How To Pass The Police Fitness Test

Who else is busting their butt in the gym and not getting the results they deserve as they prepare for the police officer fitness test?

Almost every recruit that contacts me via email do (especially those recruits who have no fitness background).

Listen, you have to fix your nutrition if you want to pass the police fitness test. No more foods from a bag or a box. Switch over to more fruits and vegetables.

Now I know you’re not just going to wake up and eat 10 servings of vegetables tomorrow. Besides, your stomach and co-workers wouldn’t appreciate it.

You have to make little changes every day, week, month, and year. We can always get better. So beginning today, start with one new item from the produce aisle to help control your appetite, regulate your blood sugar, and burn body fat.

If you want to reduce your body fat, build strength, and ace the police ability test,  you need to put premium fuel in your body’s engine.

Not grease. Not sugar. Not quick fixes. You have to plan ahead, but don’t worry, it doesn’t take much time.

Start by eating several small meals each day, focusing on protein and fiber-rich foods. Combine that with my short, convenient high intensity policemen workout program and you’ll sail through the physical fitness test.

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3 Comments on How To Pass The Police Fitness Test

  1. Sir,

    Does being Color Blind prevent me from being a Police Officer? It stopped me from being a Military Police (MP) so I’m worried it will prevent me from becoming a Police Officer.

    Very Respectfully,

    Lance Corporal Lyttle
    United States Marine Corps

  2. it’s best to contact the recruiter of the department you are interested in to find out for sure. My best guess would be that might be a problem.

  3. I attend a four year college, where i’m a criminal justice major. As of now I have 30 credits. Is there a job or intern that I can start at this point.

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