Massachusetts Police Physical Abilities Test and Civil Service Exam

Massachusetts Physical Abilities Test (PAT) – Police Civil Service Exam

Massachusetts is one of few states that actually have a written statute prohibiting any police department from hiring a person if they cannot pass the PAT test. Agencies in other states go unregulated in terms of their physical assessment test standards.

The state of Massachusetts is serious about your physical fitness measurement before appointing anyone as a police officer. In fact, MA has a state statute about just that.

Here’s the  MA statute:

“No person appointed to a permanent, temporary or intermittent, or reserve police or firefighter position after November 1, 1996 shall perform the duties of such position until he shall have undergone initial medical and physical fitness examinations and shall have met such initial standards.

The appointing board or officer shall provide initial medical and physical fitness examinations. If such person fails to pass an initial medical or physical fitness examination, he shall be eligible to undergo a re-examination within 16 weeks of the date of the failure of the initial examination. If he fails to pass the reexamination, his appointment shall be rescinded. No such person shall commence service or receive his regular compensation until such person passes the health examination or reexamination.”

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Here’s a video about the MA physical abilities test standards. Enjoy!

Another requirement to become a police officer in Massachusetts is you must pass the police civil service exam. The MA police officer entrance exam basically asks a variety of questions in an effort to find out if you can perform the tasks of a police officer. The test is designed as a tool to measure your ability to read and write, recall what you’ve just read, basic mathematics, report writing skills, spelling, vocabulary, and memory recognition.

The MA written test shouldn’t be taken lightly, that’s why it is always wise if possible to invest in a police exam study guide before taking the test. As you will come to learn, some recruits have had to take the test 3-4 times before getting a satisfactory score. Some applicants have sailed through the civil service test, while others have failed. I hope this article has helped you in some way.

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