Metropolitan Police Service, United Kingdom Police Workout Program

How to Train for the Police Job Related Fitness Test

Although I  went through the police selection process in the US, I realized that police candidates in the U.K.  face the same challenges I did especially for MPD. The job related fitness test for UK applicants are basically the same type of test that I took here. MPD may have a different way of presenting the test, but they are looking for the same qualities in a recruit.

The job related fitness test is designed to measure your aerobic power, strength, and endurance capacity. If you don’t do well on the test, you’ll get disqualified from the hiring processs. To help you prepare for the United Kingdom Police Service fitness test, I’ve included some exercises below that will help you not only pass the test, but reduce your body fat index in the process.

I’m a police officer as well as a certified personal trainer. I’m the go-to guy when it comes to both police training and fitness.

Here’s what I suggest if you want to drop body fat as well as improve you physical conditioning.

First, I want you to start a workout program that consist of only total body movements (if you don’t know what total body movement are, I explain everything in my police fitness workout guide). Now I want you to workout three times a week for no more than 60 minutes. DO NOT train on back to back days.

For instance I would train on M,W,F and maybe on Sunday depending on your fitness level.

Interval training

I’m a big fan of high intensity interval training


It works FAST, especially for the police fitness test. You’ll burn fat and get  lean as you prepare for the job related fitness test. If you follow my police specific workout plan consistently for one month, you’ll see results relatively quickly.

High intensity interval training consists of doing short burst but intense workouts instead of long and boring cardio sessions. The workouts are challenging, and intense’ that’s why  its so effective. Forget about just sitting around waiting for the next set. My police workout program is rapid fire.

Eating Right

The next step is to implement a high fiber, high fruit diet. Avoid processed foods that come packaged in a bag or a box. The more processed foods you eat, like cookies, chips, crackers, rice cakes, breakfast cereals, muffins, and donuts, the greater your chance of overeating without noticing. You must eliminate those foods from your nutrition plan (you get a day-by-day meal in my fit for duty workout program.

Eat more fruits, veggies and lean proteins; eat less bread and sugar

That’s it. No magic pills or powders. No expensive food supplements. Nothing dangerous. Just simple, real food combined with short burst exercise to help you get more results in less time without long and boring cardio exercise.

You don’t need to workout more than that to see drastic improvements if you train the right muscle groups.

I do hope this article helped.

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