Police Academy Workout Routine for Recruits

Police Academy Workout Routine – Exercise Plan for Recruits

Don’t know what workout routine to do while you prepare for the police academy? You can find out right in this article what police specific workout routines are best for the law enforcement training academy. Preparing for the police academy is the most important thing you can do to ensure that you’ll survive the academy.

If you arrive at the training academy out of shape or over weight, you will not be successful. This is because you won’t make it through the first week without getting gassed. It’s really that simple.

Many law enforcement training institutions around the country have an entrance fitness test as well as an exit physical fitness test. If you arrive at the academy in poor physical conditioning, you won’t be granted entrance into the academy. There are several workouts  you can do to prepare for the police officer academy. One exercise that is effective above the rest is high intensity interval training (also known as H.I.I.T).

High intensity interval training is by far the best workout routine to do as you prepare for the law enforcement academy.  Because you are training your anaerobic power as well as your aerobic capacity so you need HIIT the most. Both anaerobic and aerobic training are extremely valuable if you are to make it through the physical conditioning aspect of the academy.

Pre-Police Academy Workout Program

High intensity interval training consists of doing a high impact exercise like a full out sprint for about 60 seconds, followed by a low impact training exercise like a slow-paced jog for 60 seconds. You can alternate between high impact training and low impact training for about 30 minutes.

The combination of slow and fast pace training will get you in elite shape fast. I recommend that you download a pre-police academy workout program to maximize your results.

In Conclusion

If you are preparing for the police academy there is one thing that will help you immensely, a comprehensive Police Academy Study Guide that covers courses like EVOC, criminal law, traffic law, defensive tactics, firearms, and more.

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