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police fitness requirements And How To Pass The Agility Test

iStock 000006155172XSmall 300x199 police fitness requirements And How To Pass The Agility TestAs a certified personal trainer and a police officer with nearly a decade of experience, I’m always shocked when someone arrives at the police fitness test date ill-prepared and out of shape.  Because they were notified of the test 2-3 months before, there is no excuse for showing up like that. Two months or more is plenty of time to prepare yourself physically.

Regardless of warnings about the test, candidates still show up unprepared and out of shape. There’s only one logical explanation for being in poor physical shape before your police fitness test and that is laziness.  You never want to be labeled as a lazy recruit when seeking a police job; especially when some of the people influential in getting you hired may be helping administer the test on your testing date. YIKES!

That’s why it’s vital to always put your best foot forward during the selection process; you never know who is the decision maker in terms of deciding to hire you or someone else.

Police Fitness Requirements for Recruits

The police fitness requirements may differ among departments but all of them seek to evaluate three major fitness categories:

  • Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • Anaerobic Power
  • Aerobic Power

The test will usually begin by evaluating your strength and endurance which consists of sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups (depending on the agency).  Once you complete work at that exercise station, you’ll be directed to the 300 meter sprint. Immediately followed by the 1.5 mile run and/or the dummy drag or obstacle course you will have to complete.

All of these exercise stations are timed and you must complete each exercise within a certain time restraint. I can’t give you an accurate time requirement because it varies from agency to agency. Regardless of the time, you must be in excellent physical shape to Pass The Police Officer physical Fitness Test.

Here’s a good 7 day workout split that can help you effectively schedule your training program from week to week.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday from
Saturday Sunday
Warm-up Rest Day Warm-up Rest Day Warm-up Warm-up Rest Day
Total body  Strength &
Endurance Training30 minutes
  Tota Body  Strength &
Endurance Training30 minutes
  Total Body
Strength & Endurance Training30-minutes
Interval training
  Interval training
  Interval Training25- minutes    
Cool-down Rest Day   Rest Day Cool-down Cool-down Rest Day
Post Workout Protein/Carb Meal   Post Workout Protein/Carb Meal   Post Workout Protein/Carb Meal Post workout meal  

If you are looking for a workout plan to help prepare for either the police academy and/or the police agility test, make sure you follow a law enforcement specific workout program that focuses on improving the three major fitness categories mentioned above. Also make sure you change your workout routine every four weeks to avoid stagnation. I hope this article helped you in some way.

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