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I have received hundreds of fitness questions regarding the police fitness test from potential recruits seeking help. Questions regarding diets, exercises, weight loss products and many other fitness topics are discussed in the emails. With that said, I’ve designed a complete workout plan called Fit For Duty Workouts for individuals looking to get into shape for the law enforcement test.

Below is a quick overview of  the fitness standards required by varies law enforcement agencies around the world.  Please note that some of the fitness standards may have changed so make sure to contact your recruiter to confirm. The table below will give you a general idea of what the test is all about.

Police Departments Physical Fitness Standards

Department Police fitness Requirements

Police, Victoria, Australia

New recruits will need to pass twice-yearly, including the following fitness tests .

  • Grip strength – upper arm/forearm strength
  • Illinois agility run – gross coordination (agility and speed) test
  • 20 metre shuttle run (beep test) – testing Aerobic/cardiorespiratory fitness (level 6-10 for males)
  • 15 metre 75 kilogram dummy drag – tests strength (legs, trunk, upper body).
  • five push-ups.
  • prone bridge.
  • clearing an obstacle – the 1.6-metre obstacle wall that recruits had to scale has been replaced by a 1.3-metre vaulting horse.
  • for new recruits – a 100-metre swim of any stroke..

information retrieved from the VIc Police June 2010 and the Age newspaper July 2010

Police Tasmania, Australia

The tests included in the recruitment process for the Tasmanian Police Force includes the following fitness tests.

  • BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) – must be between 20-29.9.
    - Pushups (maximum in 60 secs)
    - Chin-ups
    - 5 Handgrip Test
    - 5 Stage Sit-up Test
    - Partial Curl Ups  – Repetitions in 60 seconds
  • FLEXIBILITY – Sit and Reach and Shoulder Over and Under Test
  • Progressive Shuttle Run (beep test)

information retrieved from the Tassie Gov site March 2010

Australian Police (WA)

Recruits must perform a wide range of fitness tests, including for those under 30 years achieving 10.1 (men) or 7.1 (women) in the beep test. Once they are in the academy, there is intense physical training. One test that must be completed is an obstacle course which involves sprints, climbing walls, balance beams and weights, to be completed in under 3 min and 20 seconds.

information retrieved 10 Jan 2010 from the Perth Sunday Times

Arkansas State Police Department

State police applicants have to be at least 21-years-old, have a high school diploma or GED, have a valid driver’s license, pass a written test, and of course the physical fitness requirements.

The test requirements are:

  • 17 push-ups
  • 24 sit-ups
  • vertical jump 14 inches
  • 300 meter run in 78.4 seconds

information retrieved Jan 2008 from Todaysthv.com

Hastings Police Department

Each year, all the officers in Hastings compete in the physical fitness tests. New applicants also have to complete the tests are part of their application. There are eight different physical fitness tests applicants are scored on:

  • push-ups
  • sit-ups
  • vertical jump
  • standing broad jump
  • burpees
  • a hanging test
  • a flexibility test.

To score in the 70th percentile for push-ups or sit-ups, an applicant would have to do 25 without stopping. To score 100 percent would require completing 50.

information retrieved Jan 2008

Idaho Peace Officers

The Idaho Peace Officer Physical Fitness test battery is comprised of five tests:

  • Vertical Jump
  • One Minute Sit-Ups
  • Push-Ups (the maximum number of push-ups completed with no time limit)
  • 300-Meter Run
  • 1.5-Mile Run/Walk

Utah County law-enforcement

When recruited, the officers are required to reach certain physical standards through POST, the Peace Officers Standards and Training Academy. Now they are bringing in ongoing testing for all employees, from patrol deputies to the sheriff himself, in which they have to perform the following tests and reach the standards listed below. There are no different requirements for men or women, nor for different ages.

  • run a mile and a half in 16 minutes
  • achieve 30 sit-ups
  • achieve 15 push-ups in two minutes

information from June 2007

Law Enforcement Hollywood, Florida, USA

Law enforcement officers perform a wellness profile test twice a year. This involves the following:

  • 1 RM strength
  • Sit & Reach
  • 1 RM leg Press
  • Push ups
  • Sit ups for 1 minute
  • 3 minute step test or 1.5. mile run
  • Broad Jump
  • Blood pressure tests

Akron Police Department

The test and standards are based on those set by the Ohio Peace Officer Training.

The men 29 or younger need to perform:

  • 40 sit-ups in a minute
  • 33 push-ups in a minute
  • 1.5-mile run in 11 minutes, 58 seconds or less.

The women 29 or younger need to perform:

  • 35 sit-ups in a minute
  • 18 push-ups in a minute
  • 1.5-mile run in 14 minutes, 15 seconds or less

information from March 2007

Oregon State Police

fitness testing includes push-ups, sit-ups and a 2-mile run

information from March 2007

Singapore Police Force

The annual Individual Physical Fitness test is for all male officers below the age of 45 years and females below 35 years, except those who have borne children. This annual test is pegged to promotions in the force. If one does not obtain the minimum pass, his promotion is stalled until he passes. The test consists of five components:

  • 10 m Shuttle Run
  • Sit Ups
  • Standing Broad Jump
  • Chin Up
  • 2.4 km Run/Walk.

The standards are measured according to the age groups. There are also award incentives for high achievers.

information submitted by a site visitor 2006

Law Enforcement Montana Highway Patrol, USA

They need to complete:

  • 1.5 mile run in 12 minutes and 51 seconds
  • push-ups 29 in 1 minute
  • sit-ups 38 in 1 minute
  • sit and reach of 16.5

These values are at the level of 40 percent of the nation – they must do it above the 50 percentile to graduate

Police, Canada

In Ontario, they use a physical fitness test named the physical readiness evaluation for police (PREP). The PREP test consists of:

  • a 20 meter shuttle run where a score of 6.5 must be obtained to pass and a 7.5 to graduate.
  • a 4 lap obstacle course named a pursuit circuit which includes climbing over a 4 foot wall, a push and pull resistance test of 70lbs, arcing 6 times with the weight pulled from a weight machine and a 100 lb dummy drag. This obstacle course must be completed within 175 seconds.

The RCMP use a Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE) test which is a 6 lap obstacle course which must be completed within 4 minutes 45 seconds. The PARE test was developed from a detailed task analysis performed on various city and rural police agencies and then data collected on a specific test group that matched the average profile of a “bad guy.” Currently PARE is the occupational test for the RCMP, Calgary City Police, the requirement for any Police Officer who want to work for the United Nation Police Initiative.

There is also another test (POPAT) which is used extensively with police agencies in Canada.

Police TRG (Tactical Response Group), Northern Territory, Australia

A one day selection trial is completed, which requires you to perform:

  • 100 full pushups
  • 100 sit ups
  • 15 chin ups
  • an agility run
  • 3.4 km run under 16 min 30 seconds
  • 400m swim and 2 minute treading water.

Completion of the above makes you eligible for a three day intense physical assessment.

Correctional Departments

Department law enforcement fitness Requirements

Prison Guards Academy, Norway

The following tests:

  • Push ups 15 times
  • Sit ups 30 times
  • Run 30 laps where you have to alternate between laying down on your back and stomach every 15 meters. Distance to run is 1500 meters, and time available is 10 min
  • Back Extensions – lay on your stomach on a box (someone holds your feet), where your upper part of your body hangs down 90 degrees, raise your upper body 25 times.

Corrections – Provincial Canada

The Ministry of Corrections for Ontario (provincial corrections) utilizes the OCPAT.

Corrections – Federal Canada

they use an assessment called the COPAT (different from the OCPAT).
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