5 Police Oral Board Interview Mistakes To Avoid

InterviewIf you are interested in becoming a state trooper, local police, or county deputy there are some deadly mistakes you should avoid making during the oral board interview.

Below I have listed 5 things you shouldn’t do if you want to Ace The Oral Board Interview:

1. Poor Communication Skills

An applicant that uses bad grammar, talks too much, or does not listen sends a red flag to the panel. Being too open during the interview is a killer as well. You should be candid, but don’t spill the beans with all your personal problems.

2. Failure To Prepare equals Poor Performance

Unfortunately there are applicants out there who don’t prepare at all. I’m talking about not being able to articulate the duties of a police officer. There is no excuse for that. Cliche answers like “police officers are here to protect and serve” sounds less mature  than that of an adult trying to get the job.

Also physical ticks like lack of eye contact or extreme gestures and movement will turn off the board.

3. Poor Attitude Displayed

The raters on the board are turned off by unenthusiastic, bored, or arrogant behavior. Using profanity, acting cocky, or putting down a previous boss will quickly turn off  the interviewers.

4. Inappropriate Appearance

Inappropriate attire and improper grooming can jeopardize an interview too. Ladies, you are not going to a night club so do not dress like you are. Guys, jeans and a t-shirt are not acceptable.

5. Lying, or Omitting Info on Application or During Interview

Do you have to be told that dishonesty is a big fat “no, no” in this profession? I’ve heard stories where  people will come clean about an arrest after saying on an application that he or she had never been arrested.  Lying on your application or during the interview is grounds for immediate disqualification. Period!

In conclusion, if you want a step-by-step cook book ready guide on how to score high on the police oral board interview, and skyrocket your name to the top of the eligibility list click here.

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