Advice on Having a Successful Police Oral Board Interview

Do you really want to impress the police oral board? If you do, then here’s some tips that will help you prepare.

  • Be confidence. Walk into the interview with your head and shoulders held high; make sure your back is straight.
  • Research and practice your answers. Make sure you know the department like the back of your hand. Research the police department so you’ll know their mission statement, community policing policy, and how many active patrol people are assigned to certain shift. Also, be well prepared to answer common questions like, “Why do you want to be a police officer?”
  • Try to relax yourself in the interview. Do not round your back or perch on the edge of your seat. It is better to sit with a relaxed and natural posture.
  • Stop the bad humor. Be careful with humor; everyone is a little different and you do not know what your interviewers will find funny and what he/she won’t.
  • Don’t be late. It’s best to arrive at the interview site about 15 minutes early. It is better to be early and have to wait then to be late and have the panel waiting on you.
  • Don’t make up stories that are not true. Be completely honest. Don’t pat yourself on the back and give yourself experience or skills you don’t have. Do not pretend to be someone that you are not. If you misrepresent yourself, they’ll likely find out during the background check or the lie detector test regardless so don’t bother.
  • Make sure that you drive home your strengths. You want to let the oral board know why you’re such a good candidate for the position of a police officer.
  • Carefully listen to the panel. Don’t interrupt when any member of the panel is speaking.
  • Dress professional. Conservative business attire is good and safe. Make sure it’s neat, clean and pressed.
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