Cook County Deputy Sheriff Oral Board Interview

Cook County in Chicago Deputy Sheriff’s Oral Board Interview

Want to become a deputy for the cook county Sheriff’s Department? There are some major hurdles you’ll have to overcome before you can wear that prestigious badge. One of the biggest hurdles, other than the initial physical assessment test, is the Deputy Sheriff Oral Board Interview. If you perform well during your initial interview, especially during the brutal scenario based questions, you’ll impress the panel.

On the contrary, if you show up to your interview unprepared and subsequently do poorly the oral board interview you’ll likely get eliminated from the hiring process. So the best way to prevent being eliminated prematurely is to prepare for the oral exam NOW. The hiring panel put a lot of emphasis on your interview session as it measures your reasoning, reaction and judgment capabilities.

Many applicants don’t realize the Cook County interview process is completely different from any other past job interviews. You’ll be asked a lot of stressful questions by a set of six to eight veteran police officers. It can be  intimidating, but with proper preparation, you can successfully pass the interview.

How to prepare for the Cook County deputy sheriff oral board interview:

Well the best and simplest way to prepare now is to ready your responses to known questions you are likely to be asked by the panel. One common question is, “Why do you want to become a Deputy for the Cook County Sheriif’s Department?” If you answer this question correctly, you’ll set the tone for the duration of the interview.

There are other commonly asked questions you should prepare for. The trick though is not to project your response to these questions as though you are reading from a note. The worst thing you can do is sound scripted and robotic during your interview.

I hope this helps you. If you want more commonly asked interview questions for the Cook County Sheriff’s Department Interview process, ask your recruiter or you can even download our Oral Board Interview Ultimate Success Guide.

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  1. Are there Cook County residency requirements to live in Cook County for the
    Deputy Sheriff positions?

  2. Do you have to be a resident of Cook County to be a deputy sheriff?

    Thank you for your time and hopefully prompt response.

    Pam Sidlo

  3. I heard if you make it to the Cook County Corrections final interview you will be hired. Is it true that you dont necessarily have to PASS the interview?

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