How to Ace Your Police Oral Interview

Ace Your Police Oral Board Interview

Police Oral Interview - How to Ace Your Panel Interview

There are so many details involved in a successful police officer job interview and every one of them is more critical than the last. Hiring you is a big, expensive risk for a law enforcement agency. (If they put in the money to put you through the academy, pay you, and give you health care benefits, are you going to even make it through your rookie year?)

It’s up to you to take care of every single detail to put their minds at ease and be excited to hire you. If you boil down those details to the two most basic parts that make up a successful police interview, you’re going to get to (1) preparation and (2) interview techniques.

Prepare In Advance For Your Police Oral Interview

Interview preparation is so critical, I can’t emphasize it enough. The more you do, the better. The closer you appear to being able to walk right in and hit the ground running, the more they’ll be able to see you wearing that badge; which brings them one step closer to hiring you.

Google the police department, check out  their websites, read the department’s mission statement as well as the pages of high ranking officers. What are their biggest challenges and goals?

Then, research the duties of a police officer so you know it like the back of your hand. If you’re just graduating college or you are fresh out of the military, consider riding along with a veteran officer so you can get a better grasp on the details. Think about what you’ve done in your background that will lend itself helpful as a police officer. Pick out stories in your job history that illustrate leadership and your ability to effectively work within the perimeter of a team.

police oral board interview questions and answersAll of this preparation should go into the development of your 12-month plan. This plan is a written outline for what you intend to do your first 12 months on the job as a rookie police officer–including how you’ll learn the ropes from your FTO to how you’ll begin to stand on your own two feet and make your own contributions to the agency. It does take significant effort to create this plan, but the panel would be very impressed, the results are worth it.

Download a police interview prep guide.

It’s the fastest, most efficient way to prepare for the police oral interview. Get a police interview prep guide that contains practice questions and then role-play your answers with a friend. Get a critique on how you’re dressed, your body language, your overall style, and general job interview etiquette. You’ll almost certainly be surprised at something you’re doing that you shouldn’t be or at some small thing you can improve on that will lead you to exponentially greater results.

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