Interview Questions for Police Departments

Interview questions for police department applicants

Whether you’re interested in being a street cop  that works almost exclusively with the public or a DARE officer that works closely with  kids, there is one thing that you’ll need to accomplish your goals–you must pass the police oral board interview with your prospective department.

Anytime you see a police chief or a lieutenant within an agency’s rank structure there is one thing they have in common, they had to face the interview panel and field a barrage of questions before they were hired. It is a fact that whatever happens inside the interview room (good or bad) will determine your future with that prospective department. It’s really that simple.

If you are not successful with the interview questions especially the scenario based questions, you’ll likely get a very poor score. On the other hand, if you do well especially when fielding scenario questions, you’ll likely move up in the hiring list. There is no denying that the scenario based questions or the hypothetical based questions are the backbone of the oral exam. If you do well there, you’ll likely get a satisfactory score.

To help you prepare for the police department interview questions, I’ve included one question that you should expect to hear from the panel. If you do well with this particular question, you’ll set the tone for the duration of the interview:

Interview Questions for Police Department (Scenario Questions)

Question#1 – You are running radar and you clock a vehicle traveling 15 miles per hour over the speed limit. You active your light bar and stop the vehicle. When you approach the driver, you notice that it’s your mother.

What is your next course of action since the driver is a relative?


This question may sound tricky but it’s really not. This question is designed to see if you are going to be honest with the panel or not. If you lie, you’ll very likely ruin your chances of passing the oral exam. Here’s how they’ll know if you are lying or not.

The oral interview panel knows that you wouldn’t give your own mother a ticket so don’t lie and say that you would. There is no police officer alive that will issue his/her own mother a citation; that’s just a fact.

Bottom line–answer every question truthfully when fielding questions from the police department panel. I hope this helps.

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