law enforcement interview questions

Only thirty percent of those who appear before the Law Enforcement Interview panel get a passing grade and out of that 30%, only five percent get offered the position.  So the question is, how do the 5% beat out the 30%? Well it’s relatively simple, it is called preparation.

You see, the applicant who gets offered the position goes into the oral exam  knowing exactly what to expect, while other recruits go in there guessing. The applicant  who get the position is very proactive in the sense that he or she is aggressive in getting information about the oral board interview.

They are the ones who email me on a regular basis asking for tips. They’re the prospects who are on forums talking to retired/current cops and most importantly, they are the candidates who obtain the necessary police interview guides that is available to assist them as they prepare.

If you are reading this article, I know you are an applicant who is fishing for information on how to ace the law enforcement interview. To help you out, I have listed some common questions that you will be asked during the oral board interview:

  • Why do you want to become a police officer?
  • Who inspired you to become a police officer?
  • What is your greatest weakness/strengths?
  • What event in your life in which you displayed self restraint?
  • Give us one example where you displayed an ability to work with others?

The above are just a few of the questions you’ll be asked during the law enforcement interview. Additional questions will be about your character and and some scenario based questions. It is important to get prepared for the scenario questions as they tend to be very important on the grading list for the panel.


Well the scenario questions will measure your judgment/reasoning and decision making abilities while under pressure. You can get more sample questions and tips on how to prepare for the scenario base questions at Police Interview Secrets.

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