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Police Department Recruiting – Pass The Oral Interview

Police Department Recruit – How to Pass the Oral Board Interview

state trooper interview 150x150 Police Department Recruiting   Pass The Oral InterviewHistory proves people do poorly wth job interviews when they are either unprepared or allow nervousness to take control. Whatever your situation is right now, I’m going to discuss ways that can help you prepare for and subsequently Ace The Police Oral Board Interview. First, you must understand the police department interview is not like any other job interview you’ve ever taken in the past.

The notion you can breeze through the police department interview with little to no preparation will work for many organizations, but it won’t work in front of veteran cops. Many of the raters on the interview panel are highly trained police officers and they are master body language readers. If you are lying, faking it, or you are not being genuine they will spot it from a mile away.

You can’t  freestyle your way through a successful Police Oral Board Interview. Good answers aren’t going to just roll off your tongue. To have a successful interview, you’ll have to prepare yourself mentally for the tough scenario based questions that will be thrown your way. As a potential recruit, police departments want to know if you are a quality candidate during the selection process. They want to know if you can perform the task of a police officer while under immense pressure.

One of the ways they measure your ability to perform the duties of a police officer is by asking you “what if” type of questions. These questions are designed to measure your reasoning and judgment capabilities. Questions like “Would you give a relative a speeding ticket?” or “What if you overheard your training officer using a racial slur?” will give the panel an idea of what type of cop you may become later on.

In conclusion, the best way to prepare yourself for the police department recruit interview is to read everything you can concerning the oral exam. If you want to know more commonly asked police interview questions, simply visit police forums  or buy yourself a Police Oral Interview Book.

I hope this helps you.

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Officer Forestal has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, 8 years law enforcement experience and is a graduate of the 2002 Police Corps, where he was recognized as an expert shooter. Former Collegiate all-American, certifield personal trainer and author of several fitness and police related books such as the Police Oral Interview Secrets, and Police Exam For Dummies. As a Law Enforcement enthusiast, E.L. has helped hundreds of candidates "ACE" their respective entrance exam and the oral board interview. Learn More...


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