Police Officer Interview – Why It’s So Important

Whenever you decided that police work was your calling, I bet you never envisioned how long and tedious the hiring process would be. I know it was a shock to me years ago. Unfortunately, when you revealed to your grade school teacher that you wanted to be a police officer when you grew up, he/she never discussed the process.

So you went on thinking that becoming a police officer will be a walk in the park. Well at least I did until I found out differently. The police oral exam is the single most important facet of the hiring process. If you bomb the oral exam, you might as well plan to  re-apply in 6 months because you’ll get washed out.

On the other hand, if you do well on the interview, start celebrating because you’ve just punched your ticket to the police academy. The police hiring panel puts more emphasis on the oral board interview during the selection process. The panel is a slightly more concerned on how well you answer the scenario based questions than anything else.

The scenario based questions are designed to measure an applicant’s judgment and reasoning capabilities while under pressure.  If you do well on these questions, there is a strong possibility that you’ll get hired.

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