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Police Oral Board Closing Statement – What to Say to the Panel

What to Say at the End of  Your Police Oral Board InterviewISTSInterviewPractice 300x220 Police Oral Board Closing Statement   What to Say to the Panel

As you inch closer to the end of your recruit police officer interview, you will be asked by the interview panel to give a closing statement. Don’t panic, simply practice how you’re going to address the panel beforehand. Do not use phrases such as, “I can do a good job and thank you for your time” or, “I will be a valuable asset and work very hard”.

Your closing statement should be a quick, focused effort to impress the panel with your enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge of the department. Don’t ramble on about how good of a police officer you’re going to be or how much you need the job.

Here’s a good sample closing statement as you near the end of the interview:

“I did extensive research on this agency beforehand and was really excited about this interview. This has been reinforced by everything I have heard and learned today. I appreciate the time you have taken with me and I am positive about my ability to perform successfully as a police officer. Is there anything else you need to know about me?”

“This sounds like an exciting challenge- just what I have been hoping for. I believe my …(list your strengths)…make me the right candidate for this position. What will the next step in the selection process be?”

If you had made any mistakes during the interview, this will be the last opportunity to fix them. I explain exactly how to do this and  how to give a killer closing statement that will have the panel in the palm of your hands in my police oral board preparation guide.


The impression you make during your police interview will be largely determined by your conduct – courtesy, alertness and self-confidence are extremely important. Speak in a self-assured tone, smile occasionally, and look directly at the interviewers as you listen and talk. Sit erect and be prepared to answer questions.

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