Police Oral Board Interview Tips

When I decided that police work was my calling way back when, I had no idea that I’d have to pass the police oral exam. I didn’t know until college that police applicants had to take a lie detector test or  go through a psych evaluation. I thought that getting a police job was just like any other job. You simply fill out an application, do an  interview, and wait to get a call back from the interviewer.

I got a wake up call during my freshmen year in college when I realized that all police candidates have to take the polygraph test, civil service entrance exam, and the oral board interview. I knew the entrance exam shouldn’t be a problem, but the oral interview was a different story.  I knew if I didn’t get prepared, I’d panic on the first question. So I decided to get as many police interview books as possible to help me prepare.

The result– I totally aced the police oral board interview. I had the panel wanting to hiring me on the spot. I’m sharing this because I wanted to show you that proper preparation is the vital to a successful oral interview. Not only did I know what I was going to be asked, but I already knew how to respond to the question without hesitation. I was never caught off guard during my interview.

Even some of the scenario based questions were as good as memorized because of the interview books. I hope this inspired you to go out and prepare for the oral exam just like I did. You can get a good police officer interview book either at your local library or visiting the bookstore.

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