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As you get further ahead in the police hiring process, you’ll notice the exams, especially the¬†face-to-face oral board interview, will get much tougher. The process is designed this way to filter out the prospects that won’t make it through the FTO program and/or the police training academy. The oral exam is relatively early in the hiring process and those who won’t make it will be found out here.

It costs a department quite a bit of money to train a recruit so they want to make sure they have the right guy. Each step you take towards your ultimate goal of being a police officer will only get tougher.

Today I’m going to discuss some questions you should prepare to answer during the oral board exam. These questions might be worded differently during your actual interview, but they are all the same.

Sample questions for police oral boards below:

  • You are on the way to a dv call when you drive by a closed store and notice a person climbing in through a window. What do you do?
  • You are working the scene of a store who has been broken into and on the way out your partner takes a candy bar and says, ‘The place is a mess, who’ll care?’ what do you do?
  • You are off duty depositing your check at the bank when a man pulls a gun and decides to rob the bank, what do you do?
  • You pull over a driver who is driving erratically and when you check her ID you notice it is the chief/sheriff’s daughter. What do you do?”

Here’s more practice questions that you should prepare for. These questions may or may not be on the oral exam.

Rate these items in importance and give reasons why:
chemical spray

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