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Barron’s Police Exam Study Guide Book Review – Get Pro’s and Con’s

Barron’s Police Exam Study Guide Book Review – Get Pro’s And Con’s

The Barron’s Police Exam 7th Edition book series are very informative for potential recruits. The book  does a good job preparing potentialpolice exam book65 Barrons Police Exam Study Guide Book Review   Get Pros and Cons candidates for the police officer selection test. The series prepares you for the memory recall test, directional orientation, report writing, and more. There are some good practice test questions inside the book as well as great visual aids to help you see how you go about solving a potential question. This police exam prep book along with Norman Hall’s police exam study guide is probably the best home prep course on the market today.

The only down side to those hard copy police exam books is they stop at the written exam and don’t go into other components of the selection process.  The challenges of the selection process don’t just stop at the entrance examination. There are other components as well like the polygraph test, psychological test, police panel interview, and Chief’s face-to-face meeting that you must know.

The only police exam book I know of that covers the police hiring process from A to Z is my  Police Exam for Dummies study guide. I go over the eight major categories of the police test such as:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Directional Orientation
  • Memory Recognition
  • Report Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

I then continue with an in-depth look of the police panel interview, psychological test, polygraph, and more.  I cover every aspect of the hiring process because I know the selection process doesn’t just stop at the entrance examination. You must pass the written exam in order to advance in the selection process, but it’s certainly not the determining factor of you getting hired or not. That’s why I’ve included other components of the process, especially the police oral board interview. I think the board exam is a step above the entrance exam as far as most vital phase of the hiring process.

If you want a complete guide that covers every single phase of the selection process  from top to bottom click here

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Officer Forestal has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, 8 years law enforcement experience and is a graduate of the 2002 Police Corps, where he was recognized as an expert shooter. Former Collegiate all-American, certifield personal trainer and author of several fitness and police related books such as the Police Oral Interview Secrets, and Police Exam For Dummies. As a Law Enforcement enthusiast, E.L. has helped hundreds of candidates "ACE" their respective entrance exam and the oral board interview. Learn More...


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