How to prepare for the police exam and Avoid test Anxiety

One of the key components in getting ready for the police exam is mental preparation. In order to become a successful law enforcement officer, one must be able to prepare themselves mentally. You see, every time you put on that uniform, you must be alert and it all starts with your mindset.

Today I’m going to discuss how to avoid panic during the police entrance exam. I decided to blog about this topic because just a few days ago, I received an urgent email from Jose in California. He wanted to know if I could offer some tips that would help cope with test anxiety and subsequently raise his confidence.

I know quite a few people across the country suffer from test anxiety so I thought it would be beneficial to publish this post containing the below helpful tips and strategies that I believe can help overcome test anxiety.

  • First and foremost do not rush. Although the test is timed, you should have plenty of time. Don’t get antsy because the person next to you finished quicker than you. Take the test one question at a time and work at a pace that is comfortable for you.
  • Focus your entire attention on one question at a time and do not worry about the ones coming up next.
  • Develop a “no fail” attitude, meaning don’t walk into the exam thinking that you’re going to flunk it.
  • Stop the “stinkin thinkin”. Do not discourage yourself before the exam begins. You are prepared and you’ve done your homework. You will do well.
  • If you lose focus during the exam, take several deep breaths and try to listen to the sound of your breathing. This technique should help you relax and re-focus.
  • If you come across a question that you’re not sure about, don’t freeze up and spend a lot of time on it. Simply mark it down and go on to the next question. Upon the completion of the exam, go back to the question.
  • If your mind goes completely blank before the exam begins, take a few minute to look the test over. Pick out some questions that you think are easy and start there.
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