Norman Hall’s police exam

Norman Hall’s Police Exam Study Guide

If you want to prepare for the police exam,  I suggest  you either buy Norman Hall’s police exam study guide or download Officer Forestal’s pass the police exam e-book.  Both  study guides are identical except the “pass the police exam” guidebook includes 9 additional bonus books that covers the following subjects:

  • Report Writing Techniques
  • Radio Communication
  • How to Overcome Fear
  • Police Academy Preparation Book
  • Psychological Evaluation Preparation Guide
  • Polygraph Test
  • How to Overcome Test Anxiety
  • Police Oral Board Interview Success Guide
  • Physical Assessment Pre-Workout Plan
  • 60-minute audio files that provide information regarding the police oral board interview, police exam, polygraph test, psychological evaluation process, and more.

All and all, Officer Forestal’s Pass The Police Exam ebook scores higher than Norman Hall’s Police Exam book because of the depth of the information covered; plus you get a 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t pass the police exam or if you don’t score in the high 90s, simply email Officer Forestal and he’ll send you a no hassle, no question asked, 100%  full refund.

Download Pass The Police Exam Right Now!

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