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Police Biodata Test – How to Prepare for the Written Exam

police 250x251 Police Biodata Test   How to Prepare for the Written ExamUnlike the police written exam, the questions on a police Bio-data test are strictly about you and your activities. The exam consists of life experiences, personality questions, and similar measures. This test has been widely practiced for years in the private sector, but it’s now being utilized by law enforcement agencies to select applicants who are more closely suited for the job based on past experiences and their personality.

There are some controversies surrounding this new form of police testing as some have suggested this new type of police examination is “dumbing down” the selection¬† process in favor of unqualified applicants.

What is the Police Bio-data test?

Bio-data is not well-known but is widely used; the first recorded use was in Chicago in 1894. It has nothing to do with the biological aspects of the person but has much to do with their biography (Bio-data is short for ‘biographical data’, not ‘biological data’). Done well it has a high level of reliability and validity.

Unlike many other tools, the police Bio-data test has a solely empirical root. There is no psychological theory behind it. It simply finds what works and does not question why. The founding hypothesis is statistics holds true and correlations found in some people will also be found in other people.

Background history

Bio-data can include aspects of personal information, childhood, education, employment, external experiences, skills, socioeconomic status, social activities, hobbies, and personal traits and characteristics.

Bio-data is collected using a written form structured to discover the required key information. The target people complete the form and hand it in. After this, the information is studied for the key characteristics being sought.

How to prepare for the police Bio-data test?

There is no way to prepare yourself for the Bio-data test since it’s such a personalized examination. However, you can prepare yourself for the written test using a police exam study guide since that part of the examination make up around 30-50% of the sum total of your qualifying score. I hope this article has helped in some way.

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el2 Police Biodata Test   How to Prepare for the Written Exam

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