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Police Exam Questions

If you want to become a police officer, you’ll need to pass the police entrance exam. Before you can advance to the polygraph test or the physiological evaluation test, you’ll have to get a satisfactory score on the police written  exam.

The goal of the police officer exam  is to measure a potential recruit’s judgment and reasoning capabilities, as well as their ability to follow standard operational procedures.

That being said, I’ve included a practice test question you might want to look over. When reading the questions below, please carefully review the question before selecting your answer.

Police Exam Practice Question#1

1. Officer Rodgers was traveling south on Washington St., when he was radioed to a domestic violence incident involving a male and female at 345 Cornell St. While en route to the call, dispatch informed Rodgers that two other officers were already at the scene engaged in a fight with the male half.

Officer Rodgers later arrive at the scene and rushed to assist the two other officers when he was approached by an angry female. Without any warning the female takes a swipe at him with a broken bottle. Rodgers tell her to drop the bottle but she refuses and continues to advance towards him.

If you were Officer Rodgers at the scene what would be your next course of action since the female has displayed a lack of cooperation?

A. Unholster your weapon, and discharge your fireman shooting the female center mass

B. Ignore her advancement towards you and assist the two other officers at the scene

C. Grab your departmental approved non-lethal weapon like a taser, or baton and use it on the female until she drops the bottle.

D. Run the opposite direction and wait for more backup to arrive.


The correct answer to this particular scenario question is C. You should retrieve your departmental approved non-lethal weapon to control the suspect. Since she failed to cooperate with your verbal instructions, you are allowed to use reasonable force to control the situation. Your course of action should not change just because the aggressor is a female.

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  1. Dalton says:

    where can i take a free police parctice exam at

  2. Rick says:

    With common sense the practice questions are good

  3. David says:

    it’s “common SENSE” apparently, you failed.

  4. TuffGuy says:

    None of these choices is the proper response. As a veteran police officer, here’s what I would’ve done: As the woman is approaching me with the broken bottle, I would’ve dodged her swipe at me, then taken my baton out and crack her on the head until she lay unconscious. Here’s where it gets tricky: Then, I would’ve taken my service revolver and jammed it into the side of her face. Then, I would take my mace and empty it into her eyes until she was near-dead. Then, I would immediately get into my patrol car and run over the girl several times. Then, I’d have shot her execution style in the face until my firearm was fully discharged. I’d have cut her body into several pieces and would’ve displayed it among the other street toughs to show everyone I meant business. Then, I would’ve handcuffed her wrists to her ankles, turn her face toward the ground, and beat her to a bloody pulp until her lifeless body lay in a crumpled heap. Then I would’ve emptied her pockets of all the drugs she had and sold them at street value to have some extra pocket money for coffee and doughnuts. Then, I would place a sign on her corpse that said “who’s next?” THIS is proper police procedure, and is exactly the kind of conduct that has earned me the distinction of “policeman of the year” for 9 years running.

  5. Heaven says:

    is there anyway I could get more questions like these?