What is on the Police Officer Exam?

What Is On The Police Entrance Exam?

The common question I get asked by potential police applicants is, “What is on the police officer written exam?”.  Since so many prospects want to know what different sections the police exam is composed of, I thought it would be a good idea to write a brief article about just that.

Police Exam Reading Comprehension Section

Let’s take a quick look inside the police officer exam and determine exactly what the departments are looking for. The first section inside the police test is the reading comprehension chapter. Reading comprehension questions will typically be based on one or more situational paragraphs that require a candidate to determine the proper course of action to take based on departmental procedures.

It may seem pretty easy but when you are out on the street you might have three different versions of a single incident and you’ll need to remember all three versions for your report. The best way to prepare for this section of the test is to read as much as you can like an article in a newspaper, magazine,or book and then have someone quiz you on what you’ve just read.

Police Exam Memory Recall Section

Another section that is equally important inside the police test  is the memory recognition section. In  this portion of the test your ability to gather information and quickly dispatch that information via radio is vital. For instance, if you are the first officer at a crime scene, you’ll need to gather info about the suspect like physical description, the type of car he/she may be driving, is he/she armed, and are there other participants involved in the crime.

Once you get all of that information, you’ll need to distribute that information over the radio so other officers nearby can hear. This is critical as other officers need to know who or what they are looking for.

Other sections in the police officer exam that you’ll need to prepare for…

  • Reasoning and judgment
  • Math
  • Writing
  • Directional map reading
  • Communication

There are some clever things that you can do to strengthen any areas that you might be a little weak. One thing  that you can do that is proven to be a good resource for the exam is to obtain a police exam study guide. All police exam books are not made equal though so make sure that you get one that is not outdated and that is written by a reputable source.

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