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Police Psychological Evaluation Test

If you want to become a police officer whether on the state, federal, or city level, there is one thing that is almost always administered before you can be offered the job and that is the psychological examination. Some candidates wrongly believe the psych evaluation test is classified as a crazy test; meaning the only people who fail are crazy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The purpose of the psychological test is to determine if you are able to deal with the various challenges of a police officer. Recruits who consider this examination a crazy test are misinformed. The exam itself is subjective and the psychologist, based on data collected,  will make a recommendation on if the recruit is  suitable for  police work or not. It really all depends on the psych evaluator.

So how do you prepare for the police psych test:

Many departments use the MMPI test. There is nothing you can really do to study for this particular test. You just need to be completely honest with the psychologist. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers to this test, so be honest.

Here are some traits from a potential prospect that might raise a red flag, and subsequently get you DQ’d:

Below average problem-solving and social judgment suggests a lack of experience in making decisions while under pressure, particularly when being pulled in several different directions by people or issues that might influence you. In short, it comes down to a lack of life experience.

Difficulty presenting information in a straight forward manner suggests you may have difficulty analyzing facts and relating them to others in a brief, concise and accurate manner. Instead, it suggests you may include too much information, unnecessarily injecting other factors that have no relevance and complicating resolution of the matter. Again, this suggests a lack of life experience.

Aggressive behavior –  Prospect that displays an unwillingness to listen to authority or is in a constant state of aggression will raise a red flag to the examiner, and as a result will issue the department a “not suitable to be a police officer” recommendation.

Like I mentioned in this article, there is no way to prepare for the police psychological evaluation test. You just need to be honest.

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  1. Just an FYI for California, if you don’t pass the psych test the first time, you can request a second opinion:
    § 9055 (f) Second Opinions
    A candidate who is found psychologically unsuitable has the right to submit an independent
    evaluation for consideration before a final determination of disqualification is made
    When a candidate notifies the department that s/he is seeking an independent opinion, the department shall make available the peace officer duties, powers, demands, and working conditions and the requirements specified in Commission Regulation 9055. Other
    information, such as specific procedures or findings from the initial evaluation, may be shared with the second-opinion evaluator at the discretion of the department. The means for resolving discrepancies in evaluations is at the discretion of the department, consistent with local personnel policies and/or rules.

  2. Does the Second Opinion Chapter work for the state of Florida, if ones MMPI scores comes back invalid twice?

  3. Can you obtain a copy of the test if you didnt pass with the reasons, so if you go to another township you can tell the why you didnt pass? I heard that the results of this test will stay with you.

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