Law Enforcement Interview Questions

Law Enforcement Interview Questions

Whether you are just out of college or you’re simply thinking about a career in law enforcement, there is one thing that you need to know right now- there will be a slew of exams that you’ll need to pass in order to become a police officer. Your very first hurdle will be the physical assessment test which will measure your physical abilities to perform the job like running, jumping, pulling and so on. The agility test shouldn’t be hard if you train properly prior to the test date.

The next hurdle is the law enforcement interview which will measure your ability to make accurate decisions while under pressure. You’ll be asked a lot of  hypothetical questions pertaining to how you would respond in various situations. The questions are pretty intense, but if you prepare properly you shouldn’t have any problems.

Here’s a typical law enforcement interview questions that you may be asked during your initial interview by the panel.

Law Enforcement Interview Questions #1:

1.) You are driving north on Washington St., when you observe a blue passenger car speeding. You stop the vehicle, and discovered the driver is your mother.

What is your next course of action since the violator is a relative?


This particular question is not designed to stump you. The purpose of this question is to see if you’ll be honest. The panel know in a real life situation that you wouldn’t issue your own mother a citation so don’t lie and tell them that you would. In fact, the panel, which is comprised of cops, may kick you out of the interview room if you tell them that you would issue your own mother a ticket (I’m dead serious).

The bottom line is–be honest and don’t give an answer that you think the panel wants to hear. The law enforcement interview may be tough but if you prepare and go over some sample questions, you should do fine.

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