Free And Easy Ways To Listen To Live Police Scanners Online Free

Ways to Listen to Live Police Scanners Free

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Have you ever been around a police car, fire truck, or an emergency vehicle? You heard strange sounds and voices coming from a device inside those vehicles. If you did, you heard a police scanner in action.

Police scanners are used for many purposes. If you listen to one sometime, you will find that police aren’t the only ones that use the devices. Fire stations and emergency vehicles also use one. If there is a natural disaster, you may hear people on the scanner talking about it.

If you like to listen to a police scanner live as it happens, you can do so a number of ways. You can purchase a police scanner and listen to it at your leisure. You’ll be able to pick up various transmissions.

The reason you need a police scanner is because the frequencies transmitted are much higher than the usual frequencies that are transmitted on the FM dial. This is why you can’t hear them on your FM radio.

So how do you listen to live police scanners? There are several ways to do it. You can buy a scanner and listen to it at your leisure, or you can go online and listen to an audio feed. There are a number of scanners available. You will need to look at up police scanners to determine which one will be feasible for you. Each police scanner offers different functions and benefits.

Listen to Local Police Scanner On Your PC Computer

If you do not have the cash to invest in a police scanner right now, you can go online and listen to a live police scanner. There are various websites that offer free police scanner feeds. One such place is at (

Here you can listen in to many NYC live police scans. ( is another site that offers audio feeds of police scans. You can also go to Radio Reference ( Each of the above sites will provide you with audio feeds so you can listen to them on your computer.

Listen to Police Scanners on Iphone

Buying a scanner or listening to it online is two ways to listen to live police scanners. You can also download an app on your iPhone that will allow you to connect to live police scans.

When you are going places, you can load the app on your iPhone or Android phone and tune in. It’s that simple. As you can clearly see, there are various ways to listen to police scanners. You can do it in the comfort of your phone with your own police scanner, go online and listen, or listen to the audio police feeds on your cell phone.

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