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Department of Homeland Security Jobs 

Department-of-Homeland-Security jobs, careers, salary, education requirements
Department-of-Homeland-Security jobs, careers, salary, education requirements

After what happened in 9/11 the United States formed the department of Homeland Security to protect our country from furture terrorist attacks. The newly formed agency back then didn’t really have a set goal except to keep terrorist out of the country, and the leadership back then wasn’t very good.

Fast forward a decade later and the department of Homeland Security in my opinion is one of the best federal agencies to work for. Not only is the pay great, the health insurance and retirement is equally good as well. The department of  Homeland Security has several jobs/careers that is attractive to potential applicants.

Homeland Security Information & Responsibility

Many mistakenly believe that the Department of Homeland security exists only to protect Americans from foreign, terrorist threats, but there are many departments within the organization that keep Americans safe from domestic threats as well. Anything that puts the safety of the American people in danger can be seen as a job for the Department of Homeland Security.

Because of the enormous volume of categories within the department, there is an incredible amount of diversity when choosing the kind of homeland security job opening you might want to pursue.

For a brief idea of just how expansive the department is, take a look at a few of the most commonly available departments that have job openings:

  • Immigration Enforcement
  • U.S. Secret Service
  • Office of Inspector general
  • Air Marshal
  • Customs and border protection
  • Federal law enforcement training center

United Stated Secret Service, Customs, Border Patrol

The jobs offered in each of these offices vary according to the types of demands the office must meet to function properly and keep America’s laws enforced. The U.S. secret service routinely hires criminal investigators; Customs and border patrol enforcement need positions filled for import specialists and border patrol guards. The officer of inspector general needs attorneys and auditors.

A job opening with the Department of Homeland Security isn’t difficult to find, but it can be difficult to secure the job opening. Protecting American interests can be a highly prestigious jobs and many active people seek out jobs such as this because they promise a special form of glory in keeping the country safe.

Homeland Security Job Description, Salary, and Requirements

When you seek out a job with the Department of Homeland Security, you’ll have a large number of jobs to choose from, but each one of those job titles will require you to outdo others that want the same job you do. The greater the education and experience you have, the more likely you are to obtain the job title that you’re searching for. There will also be times when Homeland Security jobs might be scarce. During these even greater competitive applications, you’ll need to go the extra mile to show your potential employees that you’re highly qualified, educated, and devoted to ensuring the safety of people in the United States.

There are many offices that have job openings in the Department of Homeland Security. It’s your duty to get out there and see what’s available now so that you can begin your career as soon as possible.

Once training is completed, there is a wide variety of Homeland Security Job Openings available to those seeking them.

Salary outlook for someone who works for the Department of Homeland Security is very good. The top tier positions can hover well over 100K..

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