How to Hear Police Scanners Online – Free Internet Police Radio Feeds

How to Hear Police Scanners Online

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For many people, listening to a police scanner is simply a hobby. For others, it is more than that. It is available to see if there are any serious problems in the area. If there are, they can respond to the location and offer help. There are those who just like to listen to police scanners for the entertainment part. But there are those who do it for a purpose. Regardless of the reason, in order to listen to a police scanner, you need equipment.

Listen To Scanners Online For Free

Not everybody has a police scanner. Scanners can be expensive, depending on the brand. If you are one of those people, who are getting into listening to a police scanner for the first time, but you have no police scanner at home, you don’t have to worry, as there are places online where you can listen to them for free.

The police use the FM band to transmit their signals. The signals are 155.625. Most radio stations are on the FM band. As such, there is another place where you can go to listen to a police scanner without having to own a scanner. That place is the Internet.

If you search the Internet, you may find three places that provide a way to listen to police radio. One such place is at ( Here you can listen in to many NYC police radios. You can also go to ( Another place to go to is Radio Reference ( All these places allow you to listen to police bands.

Free Police Audio Feeds Online

There is one catch to it. In order to listen to the audio feeds, you need a way to hear them. If you have an ordinary laptop, you have three choices: Headphone, external speakers, or the laptop speakers. If you have a desktop system, you have more choices.

Most desktop computers come with a simple phone jack, as do laptops. But you can purchase a special sound card that allows you to connect special audio cables (the cables you use to connect your large screen or HD TV to your audio equipment – usually blue, green, and yellow, or white). Once that card is installed, you can connect those audio cables to your stereo system. This way you can hear the police scanner over your stereo equipment.

The drawback to listening to police scanners online is that you need a constant Internet connection to hear it. If you have cable or DSL, this shouldn’t be a problem. As long as you have the audio part figured out and have a good connection to the Internet, you can listen to police scanners for as long as you want.

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