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Listen to Police Scanners Live On Computer – Free Police Feed Live on The Internet

Listen to Police Scanner Live on Computer/Internet

Police scanner is the common name for radio scanners. It is termed “police scanner” because of the fact that majority of these scanner users use itpolice scanner online free Listen to Police Scanners Live On Computer   Free Police Feed Live on The Internet for listening to police radio broadcast. They are radio receivers that can receive wireless radio signal transmissions. These wireless signals consist of a two-way radio transmission, which is used on a regular basis for public safety and business operations.

The scanner is used for picking up these radio signals and it functions like a normal radio. A normal radio is set this way so as to pick up only AM or FM band radio signals while a scanner can pick-up multiple radio signals and multiple radio bands at the same time making it possible to keep track of many channels at once and with much ease.

Free Internet Police Radio Feed

Legal Aspects
There have been legal issues regarding these scanners since people have tried to encrypt the messages the police communications that are classified most of the time. So there was a law that has been passed in the U.S. to stop this kind of scanning; scanners, which can tune into band more than eight hundred Mega Hertz but even then it could not be stopped since people successfully modified their radios after they bought it. Therefore the law was amended to check the modification and the law is still in effect to check the cellular subscribers who try and infringe the law and privacy of government institutions.

Online Police Scanner Frequencies

According to the laws there is no way of tuning in and monitoring the wireless communications held by any organization even if your scanner can pick up those frequencies. You will have to do without the excitement of listening to the communication of police and firemen. There are various frequencies at which the scanner works, though not all, like government to business organizations work on 29 to 50 MHz, amateur radio works on 50 to 54 MHz and aircraft work on 108 to 136 MHz. Governments also work on 138 to 144 MHz, 806 to 940 MHz is for public safety utility and so on. Anybody who wants to hear a particular functioning and communication of any of these wings can go ahead and tune their scanners to these frequencies and listen to them. When using a radio scanner do remember that it is against the law to intercept encrypted and scrambled communication and use it for personal benefits or for aid in a crime. You can neither disclose this information to any other individual. It is illegal, as stated earlier, to modify radio scanners or listen in through cellular or cordless phones.

Evolution of the Modern Scanner
Scanners became popular in the 1970s and the first scanners actually had four to ten channels. They also required a separate crystal for each frequency but then modern scanners actually provide many, in fact thousands of frequencies to be entered with the help of a keypad and they can also store these frequencies in the memory banks so that next time it can be scanned with increased speed. By using the internet, active frequencies can be found out and frequency reference books are also available. The simplest though is to just rely on the radio’s search function. For a desktop scanner an external antenna and for a handheld scanner and extendable antenna can be used and the performance can be enhanced.

Radio or police scanners are one among those scientific innovations with the help of which one can wreak havoc as well as save the world from instances of destruction. It is often used to provide information when there are natural or human disasters and that require the human kind to be one and up against it. Be wise when using such a powerful device!!!

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