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Police 911 Emergency Dispatcher Career Information

Job Description, Duties & Responsibilities of a 911 Police Dispatcher

Dispatchers responsibilities include handling calls for assistance from the public police 911 dispatcher salary career Police 911 Emergency Dispatcher Career Information(often through 911 systems) and dispatching the appropriate type of emergency response units. Dispatchers must be able to obtain enough detail from the situation to properly determine the type, seriousness, and location of the emergency.

They operate out of police stations or centralized command centers and often remain on the line with those requesting assistance to monitor the situation. After each situation, a dispatcher is responsible for maintaining a detailed log of all activity that occurred during their shift.

Watch The Video To Learn More About The Duties & Responsibilities Of a 911 Dispatcher:

Median Annual Salary


Education Requirements

Applicants for this position are required to have a high school diploma and often state mandated training or certification. A general college degree or state sponsored course in basic dispatch skills can greatly increase an applicants chances of being hired.

Job Outlook and Employment

Job prospects for dispatchers are expected to remain strong. Applicants can further increase their opportunities by becoming familiar with computer-based communications and record keeping systems, which are becoming increasingly complex.

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  1. Judy pierre says:

    I want more info about this position, and how can i apply asap

  2. harvey pontz says:

    retired 25 year police man looking to relocate south. Large experience in dispatching, cool under preasure
    contact me via 413-21309729 where we maybe aalble to discuss in more detail

  3. harvey pontz says:

    retired 25 year police officere looking to locate south with complete knowl;edge of dispatching interested in Atlanta PD Can be reached at (413 213-0720

  4. Allison Stupakevich says:

    I am a state certified EMT and due to a current injury I cannot work in the field though I do want to work helping those in the field. I would like more information about the job position and how I can go about applying for it. Thank you.

  5. stacie pratt says:

    I live in the edmond/okc area in oklahoma and would like to find out how to apply for a 911 dispatching job. If you can be any assistance please contact me at my email listed above. I would very much appreciate your time. Also any hints on what could make me stand out from other applicants? Any tips on skills I should brush up on or an idea of types of questions I could expect at an interview? Any tips from someone who has been through thew prosses would be very helpful. Thanks, Stacie

  6. Angela Tomaino says:

    Do you know of any sites that link to how you apply for the position

  7. Officer Forestal says:

    try visiting our job opening tab above

  8. Cass Maguire says:

    I live in Pennsylvania. I would like to move to Florida, and begin a new career of being a 911 dispatcher. Can I take classes in Pennsylvania? I’d like to be certified before I move.