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US Marshals Career- Job description & Salaries

Job Description, Duties & Responsibilities of a US Marshal

Deputy US Marshals are members of the oldest and most respected American law enforcement agency. As the enforcement arm of the United States Courts, usmarshal jobs requirements US Marshals Career  Job description & Salariesdeputy marshals hunt down federal fugitives, conduct asset forfeiture, provide judicial and witness security, and many other special missions.

The Marshals Service operates several well known programs such as the Witness Security Program and Air America, and has fields offices in numerous oversea countries to facilitate the extradition of international criminals and terrorists.

Median Starting Salary

GS-5: between $36,658 and $41,260 (as of January 2008)

GS-7: between $41,729 and $46,969 (as of January 2008)

Education Requirements

Deputy United States Marshal positions are currently open only to qualified, currently enrolled college students who participate in the Centralized Student Career Experience Program (CSCE).

The CSCE program requires currently enrolled juniors or seniors (from participating schools) seeking degrees in criminal justice, political science, psychology, public administration, sociology, or social sciences to complete 16-week work study program.

Students who successfully complete the program can noncompetitively be appointed as Deputy United States Marshals.

Job Outlook

The United States Marshals Service is a highly selective employer which has only several hiring events each year. However, the number of deputy marshals hired each year increases as the agency grows and takes on more responsibilities. Candidates who graduate with honors or with a military background are highly sought after.

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