Easiest police department to get hired

I got an email today from a young man in Miami, Fl. He wanted to know what are the easiest police department to get hired at. He made it clear in the email that he wants to take the road of little to no resistance – without any hurdles whatsoever.  I wish I could tell you there is an easy route that you can take in order to become a police officer, but the truth is there is no easy way.

There are some things you can do to make yourself more hire-able by scoring him on your Police oral exam, and the law enforcement entrance test, but ultimately there is no easy road. If there was one, I would have taken it.

Here’s my response to this young lad: Becoming a cop is not easy, you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the grueling hiring process. There are somethings you can’t really prepare for like the emotional roller coaster of not knowing if you did okay or not on the polygraph test, psych test, or the oral board interview. Trust me, my head was spinning after my oral board interview.

You’ll have to pass several different exams before you are even considered by the hiring board. Can it be done, yes; but you must stay the course. If you get eliminated, don’t get discouraged as statistics show over 50% of all police officers get eliminated their first time around. In my department alone a lot of cops had to go through the process at least twice before they got hired.

So don’t sweat it if you didn’t score high enough on the police exam your first time through; simply re-take it and you’ll do better next time around. I know a few cops that had to re-take the exam at least three times before they got hired.

Don’t look for an easy way out because there aren’t any. Instead focus on ways to make yourself more hire-able by getting a top score on the oral board exam.