How To Become A Cop In Ohio – Advice On How To Get Hired

When you dreamed of becoming a police officer in Ohio, you probably thought the hiring process was similar to other jobs. You soon realized through research and word of mouth that the process was a bit longer than other employment opportunities.

Below is a list of steps that you must go through in order to become a police officer in Ohio.

Step 1

Enroll in a police training academy designed to train candidates for the different tasks of a police officer. There are many different academies to choose from, but the main thing is to invest in a police academy study guide to help you prepare for all the course exams that you’ll have to pass at the academy.

Step 2

Complete 550 hours of training at the police academy you choose. The training involves many different aspects of being a police officer. You will learn crime scene duties, defensive tactics, handcuffing, firearms, use of force policy, and more. Many times the training program lasts 4-6 months or more. You will be living at the academy while going through training.

Step 3

Register to sit for the Ohio Peace Officer’s Certification test. You must pass this test before you are certified as a police officer. The test is mainly material that you’ve already learned at the police academy. That’s why a study guide is so critical.

Step 4

In this phase you will have to take and Pass the physical Fitness Test. The physical is not only a health check, but also an evaluation of what you can do and a test of your stamina. One of the requirements is to be able to run a mile in an allotted amount of time. Failing to run the mile makes you ineligible for employment.

Step 5

Apply to the police department you want to work with. There are job openings only at certain times. You must be aware of when the department is going to hire new recruits.