How To Become A Police Officer

If you want to become a police officer, you must  be impressive in the oral board interview. If police work is what you want to do as a career, you must post a top score on the oral board interview. The oral exam is by far the hardest thing to pass if you want to become an officer. In fact, if you stand out during this phase of the hiring process, you’ll must likely get offered the jo bometimes the very next day.

Okay, how do I impress the oral board members?

Preparation is the key to getting high marks on the oral board exam. You can easily find out in advance what questions the panel will ask you.  Simply download a copy of the most commonly asked police interview questions and answers found at Once you arm yourself with the interview questions, all you have to do is practice answering them over and over again.

Here’s one sample question you should expect to hear by the oral board.

Questions about your integrity:

For example, the oral board may ask you what would you do if you caught a fellow officer stealing? The main reason for this question is to find out if your alliance is with the unethical officer or the law in which you swore to uphold.

The best way to answer this question is to always remember that the integrity of the department and the law comes first. Never allow your ego or friendship with another officer to compromise that. If you catch an officer stealing, I don’t care if it’s your training officer, you notify your immediate supervisor as quickly as possible.

Integrity questions are without a doubt going to be asked repeatedly during the oral exam. Therefore, arm yourself with the most accurate and up-to-date book that can help you prepare for the oral board interview.