How to Become a Police Officer in Kentucky

The Kentucky Peace Officer Professional Standards Act administered by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council (KLEC) sets the standards for becoming a municipal police officer in Kentucky, although some local jurisdictions may have additional requirements.

Police officer candidates must earn certification from a police academy or graduate from a two-year college. In Kentucky most local police departments favor applicants who have attended college and some even require a college education.

KY Police Academy Requirements

 Those candidates who attend a certified police training academy will find the course rigorous and demanding. The curriculum of 760 hours in a residential setting is mentally and physically challenging. But, even before considering the education requirements of becoming a police officer in Kentucky, candidates will be screened to make sure that they meet certain other minimum standards.

Selection Process/Hiring Standards

 The minimum age is 21 by the application filing date. Holding a driver’s license is a requirement. The minimum education is a high school diploma or GED equivalent but given the partiality that many jurisdictions have for a college education, high school may simply not be enough. The education requirement is something you’ll have to check on with local jurisdictions.

Disqualification Factors

 Kentucky lists a number of factors that will prevent you from becoming a police officer. A felony conviction will disqualify you, as will any conviction of a serious misdemeanor within 12 months preceding the application filing date. Illegal drug use within those 12 months will prevent you from being hired.

In addition, you may not have been involved in cultivating, manufacturing, distributing or trafficking in illegal drugs or substances. Nor can you have been fired or forced to resign from any job within 12 months of filing.

 If you have worked as a security guard or similar in a labor dispute situation within two years of applying, you will be disqualified.

Police Physical Fitness Test Requirements

Kentucky also specifies minimum physical fitness requirements. You must be able to bench press 64 percent of your body weight, complete 18 sit-ups within one minute, finish a 300-meter run in 65 seconds, perform 20 push-ups and run 1.5 miles in less than 18 minutes. However, the minimums are higher in order to graduate basic training.

 Within five days of the final date of basic training, recruits must bench press 73 percent of body weight, perform 18 sit-ups in one minute, run 300 meters in 65 seconds, complete 25 push-ups and run a mile and a half in sixteen minutes, 15 seconds.

 A good source to get detailed information on requirements in Kentucky is, the website of the Department of Criminal Justice, Training Page. But try, also, the website for individual police jurisdictions for requirements specific to those agencies.

Average Salary & Pay Scale

According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics (2010), a police officer in the state of Kentucky makes between $27,060 – $38,820 per year. However the data collected by BLS is not very accurate since it does not include overtime pay or off duty details. These two factors, if included in the data, would have increased the average salary of a police officer in Kentucky.

Police Officer Jobs in Kentucky

There are several law enforcement job openings in Kentucky. Simply visit our Career Job Opening or go to the official website of the agency you are interested in to complete an application of employment. Below is a list of all the law enforcement agencies in the state of Kentucky.

  • Adair County Sheriff’s Office
  • Allen County Sheriff’s Office
  • Anderson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Ballard County Sheriff’s Office
  • Barren County Sheriff’s Office
  • Bath County Sheriff’s Office
  • Bell County Sheriff’s Office
  • Boone County Sheriff’s Office
    • Boone County Police Department-
      • absorbed by the Boone County Sheriff’s Office in 2005
  • Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office
  • Boyd County Sheriff’s Office
    • Boyd County Police Department-
      • absorbed by the Boyd County Sheriff’s Office in 2007
  • Boyle County Sheriff’s Office
  • Bracken County Sheriff’s Office
  • Breathitt County Sheriff’s Office
  • Breckinridge County Sheriff’s Office
  • Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office
  • Butler County Sheriff’s Office
  • Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office
  • Calloway County Sheriff’s Department
  • Campbell County Police Department
  • Campbell County Sheriff’s Office
  • Carlisle County Sheriff’s Office
  • Carroll County Sheriff’s Office
  • Carter County Sheriff’s Office
  • Casey County Sheriff’s Office
  • Christian County Sheriff’s Office
  • Christian County Constable, District 5
  • Clark County Sheriff’s Office
  • Clay County Sheriff’s Office
  • Clinton County Sheriff’s Office
  • Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office
  • Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office
  • Daviess County Sheriff’s Office[1]
  • Edmonson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Elliott County Sheriff’s Office
  • Estill County Sheriff’s Office
  • Fayette County Sheriff’s Office[2]
  • Fleming County Sheriff’s Office
  • Floyd County Sheriff’s Office
  • Franklin County Sheriff’s Office
  • Fulton County Sheriff’s Office
  • Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office
  • Garrard County Sheriff’s Office
  • Grant County Sheriff’s Office
  • Graves County Sheriff’s Office
  • Grayson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Green County Sheriff’s Office
  • Greenup County Sheriff’s Office
  • Hancock County Sheriff’s Office
  • Hardin County Sheriff’s Department[3]
  • Harlan County Sheriff’s Department
  • Harrison County Sheriff’s Office
  • Hart County Sheriff’s Office
  • Henderson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Henry County Sheriff’s Office
  • Hickman County Sheriff’s Office
  • Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office
  • Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office[4]
  • Jessamine County Sheriff’s Office
  • Johnson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Kenton County Police Department
  • Kenton County Sheriff’s Office
  • Knott County Sheriff’s Office
  • Knox County Sheriff’s Office
  • Larue County Sheriff’s Office
  • Laurel County Sheriff’s Department
  • Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office[5]
  • Lee County Sheriff’s Office
  • Leslie County Sheriff’s Office
  • Letcher County Sheriff’s Office
  • Lewis County Sheriff’s Department
  • Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
  • Livingston County Sheriff’s Office
  • Logan County Sheriff’s Office
  • Lyon County Sheriff’s Office
  • Madison County Sheriff’s Office[6]
  • Magoffin County Sheriff’s Office
  • Marion County Sheriff’s Office
  • Marshall County Sheriff’s Office
  • Martin County Sheriff’s Office
  • Mason County Sheriff’s Office
  • McCracken County Sheriff’s Department [7]
  • McCreary County Sheriff’s Office
  • McLean County Sheriff’s Department[8]
  • Meade County Sheriff’s Department[9]
  • Menifee County Sheriff’s Office
  • Mercer County Sheriff’s Office
  • Metcalfe County Sheriff’s Office
  • Monroe County Sheriff’s Office
  • Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
  • Morgan County Sheriff’s Office
  • Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Office
  • Nelson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Nicholas County Sheriff’s Office
  • Ohio County Sheriff’s Office
  • Oldham County Sheriff’s Department
  • Owen County Sheriff’s Office
  • Owsley County Sheriff’s Office
  • Pendleton County Sheriff’s Office
  • Perry County Sheriff’s Office
  • Pike County Sheriff’s Office
  • Powell County Sheriff’s Office
  • Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office
  • Robertson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Rockcastle County Sheriff’s Office
  • Rowan County Sheriff’s Office
  • Russell County Sheriff’s Office
  • Scott County Sheriff’s Office
  • Shelby County Sheriff’s Office
  • Simpson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Spencer County Sheriff’s Office
  • Taylor County Sheriff’s Office
  • Todd County Sheriff’s Office
  • Trigg County Sheriff’s Office
  • Trimble County Sheriff’s Office
  • Union County Sheriff’s Office
  • Warren County Sheriff’s Office
  • Washington County Sheriff’s Office
  • Wayne County Sheriff’s Office
  • Webster County Sheriff’s Office
  • Whitley County Sheriff’s Office
  • Wolfe County Sheriff’s Department
  • Woodford County Sheriff’s Office
  • Ashland Police Department[10]
  • Bowling Green Police Department [11]
  • Central City Police Department [12]
  • Covington Police Department [13]
  • Paducah Police Department [14]
  • Vine Grove Police Department[15]
  • Radcliff Police Department[16]
  • Elizabethtown Police Department[17]
  • Danville Police Department
  • Elkhorn City Police Department
  • Frankfort Police Department[18]
  • Georgetown Police Department
  • Henderson Police Department[19]
  • Hopkinsville Police Department[20]
  • Louisa Police Department[21]
  • Louisville Metro Police Department- created in 2003 from the below agencies:
    • Louisville Police Department(1806 – 2003)
    • Jefferson County Police Department (1868 – 2003)
  • Lexington/Fayette Urban County Police Department- created in 1974 from the below agencies:
    • Lexington Division of Police(1831 – 1974)
    • Fayette County Police Department (? – 1974)
  • Richmond Police Department
  • Inez Police Department- created in 1986 from the below agencies:
    • Eden Police Department (1886 – 1986)
  • Morgantown Police Department- Established 1811
  • Independence Police Department
  • Nicholasville Police Department[22]

  • Boone County Detention Center
  • Boone County Sheriff’s Department
  • Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Intl. Airport Police Department
  • Florence Police Department
  • Kentucky State Park Rangers – Big Boone Lick State Park


  • Bell County Sheriffs Department
  • National Park Service Rangers – Cumberland Gap National Park
  • Kentucky State Park Rangers – Pine Mountain State Resort Park
  • Middlesboro Police Department
  • Pineville Police Department


  • Ashland Police Department
  • Boyd County Detention Center
  • Boyd County Sheriff’s Department
  • Catlettsburg Police Department
  • Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice Boyd Regional Detention Center
  • Kentucky State Police Post 14 Headquarters
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons – Federal Correctional Institution Ashland


  • Augusta Police Department
  • Bracken County Sheriff’s Department
  • Brooksville Police Department


  • Bullitt Co Sheriff’s Office
  • Bullitt Co Detention Center
  • Mount Washington Police Department
  • Shepherdsville Police Department
  • Hillview Police Department


  • Alexandria Police Department
  • Bellevue Police Department
  • Campbell County Detention Center
  • Campbell County Police Department
  • Campbell County Sheriff’s Department
  • Cold Springs Police Department
  • Dayton Police Department
  • Fort Thomas Police Department
  • Highland Heights / Southgate Police Authority
  • Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice Regional Detention Center
  • Newport Police Department
  • Northern Kentucky University Police Department
  • Silver Grove Police Department
  • VA Hospital Ft. Thomas Police (Federal Agency)
  • Wilder Police Department


  • Carter County Detention Center
  • Carter County Sheriff’s Department
  • Grayson Police Department
  • Kentucky State Park Rangers – Carter Caves State Resort Park
  • Kentucky State Park Rangers – Grayson Lake State Park
  • Olive Hill Police Department

FAYETTE COUNTY (Lexington-Fayette Urban County)

  • Bluegrass Airport Police/Public Safety Department
  • Fayette County Community Corrections Detention Center
  • Fayette County Sheriff’s Office
  • Fayette County Schools Department of Law Enforcement
  • Kentucky Horse Park Police
  • Lexington-Fayette Urban County Police Department
  • Transylvania University Public Safety
  • University of Kentucky Police Department
  • United States Bureau of Prisons Federal Medical Center Lexington
  • United States Department of Veterans Affairs Police – VA Medical Center Lexington


  • Frankfort Police Department
  • Franklin County Constables Office
  • Franklin County Detention Center
  • Franklin County Sheriff’s Department
  • Kentucky State Police Headquarters
  • Kentucky Fish & Wildlife Law Enforcement Headquarters
  • Kentucky State University Police Department
  • Stamping Ground Police Department


  • Gallatin County Sheriff’s Department


  • Dry Ridge Police Department
  • Grant County Detention Center
  • Grant County Sheriff’s Department
  • Kentucky State Police Post 6 Headquarters
  • Williamstown Police Department


  • Bellefonte Police Department
  • Flatwoods Police Department
  • (City of) Greenup Police Department
  • Greenup County Detention Center
  • Greenup County Sheriff’s Department
  • Kentucky State Park Rangers – Greenbo Lake State Resort Park
  • Raceland Police Department
  • Russell Police Department
  • South Shore Police Department
  • Worthington Police Department
  • Wurtland Police Department

JEFFERSON COUNTY (Louisville-Jefferson County Metro)

  • Anchorage Police Department
  • Audubon Park Police Department
  • Graymoor-Devondale Police Department
  • Hollow Creek Police Department
  • Heritage Creek Police Department
  • Hurstbourne Acres Police Department
  • Indian Hills Police Department
  • Jeffersontown Police Department
  • Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Louisville-Jefferson Co Metro Police Department
  • Louisville-Jefferson Co Metro Department of Corrections
  • Louisville Fire & Rescue Arson Bureau
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) field office
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF)
  • Federal Protective Service
  • Northfield Police Department
  • Louisville Int’l/Regional Airport Authority Public Safety (police/fire/medical)
  • United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • United States Marshall Service – Western Dist of Kentucky
  • Lynnview Police Department
  • Meadowvale Inter-Local Police Department
  • Saint Matthews Police Department
  • Shively Police Department
  • Strathmoore Police Department
  • United States Department of Veterans Affairs Police – Louisville VA Medical Center
  • University of Louisville Department of Public Safety


  • Covington Police Department
  • Edgewood Police Department
  • Elsmere Police Department
  • Erlanger Police Department
  • Fort Mitchell Police Department
  • Fort Wright Police Department
  • Independence Police Department
  • Kenton County Detention Center
  • Kenton County Police Department
  • Kenton County Sheriff’s Department
  • Lakeside Park/Crestview Hills Police Auth.
  • Ludlow Police Department
  • Park Hills Police Department
  • Taylormill Police Department
  • Villa Hills Police Department


  • Corbin Police Department
  • Kentucky State Police Division of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Region 4 Headquarters
  • Kentucky State Police Post 11 Headquarters
  • Laurel County Sheriff Department
  • London Police Department


  • Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office
  • Louisa Police Department


  • Lewis County Detention Center
  • Lewis County Sheriff’s Department
  • Vanceburg Police Department


  • Berea Police Department
  • Bluegrass Army Depot Police Department
  • Eastern Kentucky University Police Department
  • Kentucky State Police Post 7 Headquarters
  • Madison County Detention Center
  • Madison County Sheriff’s Department
  • Richmond Police Department


  • Central City Police Department
  • Drakesboro Police Department
  • Greenville Police Department
  • Powderly Police Department
  • Muhlenberg County Sheriff’s Department
  • United States Military Police (Wendell H. Ford Training Site)
  • Green River Correctional Center (Central City)
  • Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife
  • Tennessee Valley Authority Police Department


  • LaGrange Police Department
  • Luther Luckett Correctional Facility
  • Oldham County Police Department
  • Oldham County Sheriff’s Office
  • Rodenrer Correctional Complex
  • Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women
  • Kentucky State Reformatory


  • Owen County Sheriff’s Department
  • Owenton Police Department


  • Butler Police Department
  • Falmouth Police Department
  • Pendelton County Sheriff’s Department


  • Hazard Police Department
  • Perry County Sheriff


  • Coal Run Village Police Department
  • Elkhown Police Department
  • Kentucky State Police Post 9 Headquarters
  • Neon Police Department
  • Pike County Sheriff’s Department
  • Pikeville Police Department
  • Pipa Pasas Police Department


  • Kentucky State Park Rangers – Cave Run Lake State Park
  • Kentucky State Police Division of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Region 5 Headquarters
  • Kentucky State Police Post 8 Headquarters
  • Morehead Police Department
  • Morehead State University Police Department
  • Rowan County Detention Center
  • Rowan County Sheriff’s Department


  • Georgetown Police Department
  • Sadieville Police Department
  • Scott County Detention Center
  • Scott County Sheriff’s Department
  • Stamping Ground Police Department


  • Bowling Green Police Department
  • Bowling Green Detention Center
  • Warren County Sheriff’s Department
  • Warren County Regional Juvenile Detention Center
  • Western Kentucky University Police Department


  • Corbin Police Department
  • Kentucky State Park Rangers – Cumberland Falls State Resort Park
  • Whitley County Detention Center
  • Whitley County Sheriff’s Department
  • Williamsburg Police Department
  • Eastern Kentucky University Police Department
  • Kentucky State University Police Department
  • Morehead State University Police Department
  • Murray State University Police Department
  • Northern Kentucky University Police Department
  • University of Kentucky Police Department
  • University of Louisville Police Department
  • Western Kentucky University Police Department