How to Become a Police Officer in Hawaii – Get Requirements & Qualifications

How to Become a Police Officer in Hawaii

Unlike other U.S. states, Hawaii does not have a State Police Department, but relies on the municipal police departments of each of its four inhabited counties — Hawaii, Honolulu, Kauai and Maui – to provide for police coverage. In turn, that means, individuals who would like to become a police officer in the state should begin by contacting the individual municipal departments to obtain precise requirements about how to become a police officer for that agency.

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Requirements To Become a Cop in Hawaii

Although requirement may vary among the individual departments, there are some basic minimums to meet, starting with a minimum age of 21. U.S. citizenship is not mandatory. In the State of Hawaii a permanent resident alien also may become a police officer.

Candidates must be high school graduates or have a GED equivalent, or a combination of education and work experience deemed to be substantially equivalent to graduation from high school.  All candidates hold a valid Hawaii driver’s license.

Good eyesight, generally no worse than 20/200 correctable to 20/20, and good physical conditioning as determined by a medical examination, are factors to be considered. Candidates must meet state and federal qualifications to carry and possess firearms.

Disqualifying Factors

In addition to meeting these general requirements, candidates must not possess a criminal record for domestic violence. Conviction of a misdemeanor or felony for domestic violence crimes is a disqualifying factor because federal law prohibits these individuals from carrying firearms.

The largest municipal police department in the state is the Honolulu Police Department and that agency requires candidates to pass an entrance examination and then ranks candidate eligibility by scores obtained on the test. Starting with the highest score, candidates are referred to the department as vacancies occur.

Application Process & New Recruit Hiring Standards

For persons interested in becoming a police officer in the state, the best advice to follow is to contact each of the county police agencies. Links to their websites follow.

In addition there are two other police agencies in the state, operated by the State of Hawaii Department of Public Safety, the Narcotic’s Enforcement Division and the Sheriff’s Division.

The Sheriff Division carries out specific law enforcement functions throughout the state, including protecting persons and property within the judiciary system, and providing law enforcement services at Honolulu International Airport. For more information about the Sheriff Division, follow this link to get detailed information about Sheriff division responsibilities and telephone numbers to contact the division:

Police Officer Average Salary/Pay Scale in HI

according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the annual salary of a police officer in the state of Illinois is between $48,250-$54,140. The data collected by BLS is not in my opinion correct as it doesn’t factor in overtime pay, off duty pay and special assignment details. So in actuality you can potentially make a whole lot more.

Police Officer Jobs in Hawaii

If you are interested in a police officer/deputy sheriff position in your area, visit our Job Opening Webpage or go to the official website of the agency you are interested in to download an application for employment.