How to Become a Police Officer in Indiana

Candidates looking to become police officers in Indiana must complete 600 hours of basic and physical training at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA), but in order to enter the academy they must first be hired by a police agency. That agency will make the arrangements for enrollment in the academy.

Recruitment and Hiring Process

The hiring process requires initially meeting certain minimum standards, such as citizenship and at least a high-school education or GED equivalent. New hires must be at least 21 and no older than 36.

New hires must be able to legally carry a firearm, which means that even a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence is a disqualifying factor because federal law prohibits such individuals from carrying guns.

Moreover, previous felony convictions or a dishonorable discharge from the military in all likelihood will disqualify a candidate. Candidates should hold an Indiana driver’s license.

Fitness Test

As part of this initial stage of consideration, candidates also must show they can meet entry-level physical testing standards: a vertical jump of 13.5 inches, 24 sit-ups in a minute, 21 push-ups, a 300-meter run in 82 seconds and a 1.5 mile run in 18 minutes and 56 seconds. Candidates will have to improve on these minimums in order to successfully complete the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy course.

Background Check/ Application Process

These are just the pre-qualifying factors. Once passed these, candidates can move to the second stage of the process. A written examination will be administered, an interview will be held, a medical examination conducted, along with a background check, polygraph test and drug test.

Pass all these and you are eligible to be hired by a police agency, although the particular jurisdiction my have some additional qualifications such as residency requirements. Within a year of being hired, candidates must successfully complete training at the ILEA

Indiana Police Academy Requirements

The ILEA 600 hour training course is comprehensive and demanding. Cadets will attend classes on criminal and traffic law, firearms, emergency vehicle operations, physical tactics, EMS awareness and human behavior. are some of the major areas of instruction during this course. Other areas include accident investigation and criminal investigation, domestic violence and sexual assault, water rescue training, how to conduct the Standardized Field Sobriety Test, crime prevention and drug and narcotics education.

Fitness Test Requirements

In order to successfully complete the course, candidates must again undergo physical fitness testing and meet standards higher than the entry level standards: a vertical jump of 16 inches, 28 sit-ups in one minute, 25 push-ups, a 300-meter run in 71 seconds, and a 1.5 mile run in 16 minutes, 28 seconds.

You can find additional details about the academy and the program at

While ILEA is the state academy, the basic training course also is taught at six other locations around the state. However these locations are specific to certain jurisdictions. They are the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Academy, the Fort Wayne Police Department Academy, the Northwest Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, The Southwest Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, the Indiana University Police Academy and the Indiana State Police Academy.

Average Salary

According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics (2010), a police officer in the state of Indiana makes between $39,450 – $43,220 per year. However the data collected by BLS is a little skewed because it does not include overtime pay or off duty details. These two factors, if included in the data, would have increased the average salary of a police officer in Indiana.

Police officer Jobs in Indiana

There are several law enforcement job openings in Indiana. Simply visit our Job Opening Webpage or go to the official website of the agency you are interested in to complete an application of employment. Below is a list of all the law enforcement agencies in the state of Indiana.